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Image of AquaSkills Swim Lessons, NYC AquaSkills Swim Lessons, NYC:
As seen in The New York Times.  AquaSkills is a private swim school located in Lower Manhattan in New York City and the premiere place for adults and children to learn to swim with customized attention given to each student. We teach kids from the age of 4 upward. We conduct private & semi-private swimming classes or small groups of up to 4 in an exclusive heated pool.

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Why choose AquaSkills for my child?
- Small instructor to student ratios for group sessions allow for the ultimate swim education courses available
- Both AquaSkills instructors are certified to teach swimming by the American Red Cross standards
- Our instructors believe in a gentle approach to swimming instruction and are dedicated and highly skilled at teaching all levels
- We offer swim classes for kids in a range of locations around NYC including Upper Westside & Eastside, Tribeca and the Financial District

Year-Round Beginner Swim Classes for Kids & Teens:
Photo of Contact Page - Beginner Swimming Lessons for Kids in NYCStudents learn water safety and the basics of swimming through guided discovery. This includes floating, treading, breathing techniques and proper kick and arm movements for all 5 styles of swimming. The instructor goes in the water with the students and demonstrates. Students learn by example.

Class Objectives:
- Water Safety awareness
- For students to swim and float without flotation devices
- Students to build confidence and build motor skills

Beginner Swim classes cover:
- Water Safety
- Floating
- Treading
- Breathing Techniques
- Intro to Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, (Butterfly optional)

Class is either 6-8 weeks up to 12 weeks depending upon ability and frequency.

Children of all levels are also welcome to take part in our Fitness Swim classes and our Competitive Swim classes. For further information or to make an appointment, please email us below.

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