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German Immersion Kindergarten in Brooklyn, NY

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KinderHaus German Immersion Kindergarten:
KinderHaus is a full-time German immersion KinderGarten based in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Park Slope is a neighborhood in the western section of Brooklyn, New York City's most populous borough. KinderHaus serves NYC's local and international community. We provide a private day school program serving preschool kindergarten through pre-kindergarten and community wide programming, including German language immersion, afterschool classes, summer camps, mini holidcay camps and enrichment classes for preschoolers to elementary students and other multicultural events.

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We have structured a developmentally appropriate program based on a child's intellectual, social, and physical needs. It's designed to encourage child-initiated learning activities. Our modern teaching philosophy incorporates the best of the European kindergarten model with the American preschool. In an inquiry based environment, children learn to develop their own knowledge through investigation and observation.

School Environment:

The four seasons guide us through the year with the focus of "learning by doing with all our senses" , with the orientation from "head to toe", the cognitive and physical domain. There will be a good balance between structured projects and free play. Our children learn about all components of daily life, including nature, the environment and how to protect it, language enrichment, sense training, handling of quantities, numbers, forms, rhythmic-musical education, movement and more.

We encourage children to be an active part of the Kinderhaus. Participation is a strong aspect in our work and we believe that children can play a significant role in inventing and shaping their themes and projects. Growing up multilingual is a wonderful gift for a child to have


All our programs are in full German immersion.

- Preschool / Kindergarten Program: (ages 2-3 years old)
Children learn and play in a structured environment.

- Pre-Kindergarten Program: (ages 4-5 years old)
Children will be taught to develop skills that form the foundation for reading, writing and mathematics.

- Afterschool Programs:
Pre-Kindergarten (ages 2-3 years old) / Elementary: (ages 5-10 years old)
This program is filled with activities which encourage the active language acquisition in your child, imbedded in themes that follow the seasonal calendar.
Also for elementary (ages 5-10 years old) there is a reading / writing program.

- Summer Camp Program: (ages 2-7 years old)
It is conducted in a full German speaking environment, with the focus on developing a child's language abilities and all summer camp teachers are native German speakers.


"Kinderhaus is a warm, nurturing, and creative environment, and attending it has been a tremendous eperience for our son David. Every morning, David expresses enthusiasm about going to Kinderhaus, his teachers there, and his friends. Over Christmas, visiting his grandparents in Germany, David chatted happily with them in German; at home, he has talked eagerly about his Fasching costume and walked along Vanderbilt Avenue holding his Laterne and singing. His experience at Kinderhaus contributes immeasurably to his joy, development, and self-image; we feel very fortunate to have found it." - Claudia & Andrew

"After only one week of attending Kinderhaus, our son's active command of German went from near zero to speaking in fully formed sentences. Apart from enjoying the language benefit, we have come to appreciate Kinderhaus as a fun, warm and safe place for our child to learn, play and make friends." - Benjamin & Stephanie

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Address: 468, 6th Avenue, Park Slope, 11215, Brooklyn, New York , USA