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Yachting Courses in Spain

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Maritime Training Fornells, Barcelona and Menorca:
Maritime Training Fornells is based in Menorca (Minorca), one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Spain and offers yachting courses including day skipper, coastal skipper, yachtmaster offshore and a VHF marine radio (SRC) course in Menorca as well as Barcelona in Catalunia, eastern Spain. We have been involved in RYA training programs for over 30 years and bring a lifetime of yachting experiences to all our activities. We provide a comprehensive range of courses, ashore, under power and sail together with our friends in multiple locations.

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We can facilitate a comprehensive range of courses from introductory level to Yachtmaster. We can organize the practical assessments for Yachtmaster® Certificates of competence which may be commercially endorsed. We offer flexible delivery to meet your schedules. Training development plans organized to meet your personal requirements. Contact us for course details and schedules.

Day Skipper (5 days or 2-3 weekends)
We understand how important it is to have the confidence and experience when you are a leisure sailor. Others will be looking to you for confidence. Our objective is to build measured self confidence on knowledge, skills development and safety as well as understanding limitations and risks.

The course offers a comprehensive introduction to navigation, chart work and the basics of seamanship. The course is invaluable if you want to learn how to make decisions on board. It is aimed at anyone who wants to skipper safely by day in familiar waters. This course can alPhoto of Yachting Courses in Spainso help you get the best from your electronic equipment.

It is a great way to progress for dinghy sailing.

Coastal Skipper:
The coastal skipper is an advanced course on the skills and techniques, navigation and meteorology required to cruise safely by day or night. The coastal skipper needs to have the knowledge needed to skipper a yacht on coastal cruises entering unknown ports by day or night.

The coastal skipper is also the first start on the professional path as it can be commercially endorsed by the RYA / MCA.

Yachtmaster offshore:
The Yachtmaster offshore is an important certificate. It signifies that a skipper is competent on a yacht to make passages up to 150nm from harbour. It a an aspiration for many yachtsmen and a key achievement for those wishing to follow a professional career in yachting. The Yachtmaster offshore is obtained by examination which involves exercises, challenges and tasks from any part of the syllabus to demonstrate the ability and confidence of the skipper.

We can organize the practical assessments for Yachtmaster® Certificates of competence which may be commercially endorsed. We help you prepare for the exam look at your strengths and weaknesses. We can then build a on the areas that need developed to put you in the best position for the exam. This is typically 4-5 days depending on the breadth of experience.

Once you progress along the Yachtmaster course a wide range of professional opportunities emerge. The RYA / MCA professional qualifications are internationally recognized and open to all nationalities. It is a challenge both physically and mentally, requiring dedication and determination. It is not just about putting on the miles but developing a level of professional confidence that others aspire to achieve.

VHF Marine Radio (SRC) Course
The VHF radio course is an essential one day course for any boat owner , crew or skipImage of Yachting Courses in Spainpers. It teaches you the basics of VHF marine radios and helps you understand that they are a great communication tool as well as a vital part of your safety equipment.

• Learn how to use your VHF radio
• Obtain your VHF license to operate legally
• Understand digital selective calling (DSC)
• Distress and urgency capability
• GMDSS Global Maritime Distress & Safety System

The is a practical hands on course with real radio simulators so you can talk and practice all types of communication including distress signals.

The course is open to all nationalities.

Adventure Cruises:
We are planning a range of adventure cruises. These are intended to enhance your spirit of adventure and cruising skills while continually developing skills.

A number of adventure cruises planned include:
Barcelona to Bay of Rosses
Ruta de Sal Barcelona to Ibiza
Balearic islands
Around Majorca
Around Menorca
Tarragona and the Ebro delta
Scottish islands
Aran Islands Ireland
North Irish coast

We are also considering cruises to Sardinia, Corsica and Rivera in the autumn.

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