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1. Instituto Hemingway
Courses / Programs
Instituto Hemingway is a Spanish language school in Bilbao, Northern Spain that offers a range of Spanish language study abroad programs for juniors and high school (secondary school) children ages 6 - 17 years.

Accredited by the Cervantes Institute, we provide quality Spanish courses all year round at beginner to advanced levels.

We design and deliver customized programs for individuals and groups who want to learn about other cultures by studying or working abroad.

Parent Testimonial:
"I put my daughter in the semester-long program in Spain. She came back speaking perfect Spanish. I was very pleased. Both the family she stayed with and the location where she lived were amazing. She will not stop talking about how much she wants to go back."
- Alfred Wallace, UK
Spanish Language Group Courses for Kids (Ages 6-17)

- Spanish Language Group program

- Adventure camp program

- Educational tours in Spain

- High School / Secondary School Semester Abroad

- Homestay Program
2. Travel & Education, Salamanca
Courses / Programs
Travel & Education (T&E) offers year-round & summer study abroad Spanish Immersion programs to high school students at accredited language academies in Salamanca, in western Spain. T&E students can earn university / college credits and gain an academic advantage on their ACT/SAT scores, as studying a foreign language generally improves verbal scores.

T&E language academies Mester and Unamuno are both accredited by the Cervantes Institute and provide sociocultural activities and knowledgeable guides.
Year-round & Summer Spanish immersion courses for High School & Secondary School Teens:

- One week to one year

- Cultural Activities

- Homestay Program

- Customized Programs
3. Greenheart Travel, Valencia
Courses / Programs
Greenheart Travel offers summer Spanish language programs for teenagers aged 14 - 16 in Valencia on the Mediterranean Coast of south-east Spain. The third largest city in Spain, Valencia is only one hour by air from the cities of Madrid and Barcelona.

Students can choose to study from two - eight weeks during the months of July and August. They will receive 3 intensive Spanish classes per day Monday to Friday. The number of students per class is small and classes are lead by highly experienced native teachers. A wide variety of teaching tools are used to create an interactive atmosphere.

Our Spanish classes for teens take place at a local high school which also offers English classes for Spanish students. This gives our students the opportunity to spend time with a diverse group of teens in a positive, international environment. There are many well equipped classrooms and the school campus has very modern sports facilities, including: tennis courts, rollerskating rink, and pool.
- Summer Spanish programs for teens aged 14-16
- Homestay accomodation with Spanish host family
Updated: 2015-05-06
Updated: 2015-05-06
4. International Camp Minairo
Courses / Programs
MinairĂ³, located at 1,700 meters in the Pyrenees near the ski resort of La Molina (100km from Barcelona), north east Spain, is a Spanish language summer, musica band and multiadventure camp offering programs to children and teens aged between 8 and 16. The camps are two or three weeks long. At MinairĂ³, not only will students engage in Spanish language training, but they will also enjoy wonderful experiences that will remain in their memory forever while forming great friendships with peers from all over the world.

Our Spanish classes have between 8 to 12 students grouped by level and age. On the first day, students take a placement test in order to evaluate their level of Spanish or English and place them with others of similar ability. The courses themselves emphasize grammar, writing, vocabulary and oral expression appropriate to each level. At the end of their stay, each student receives a report evaluating their work and participation, and a folder with all their work.
- Summer Spanish & English language, music and multi-adventure camps for kids & teenagers aged between 8 and 16

- Balanced mix of language courses, sports and cultural activities

- Workshops incorporating drama, music, etc which aim to put into practice all the new knowledge and abilities they will have acquired during their stay

- Day trips
5. Spanishbreak
Courses / Programs
Based in Madrid, Spanishbreak provides specialized year-round Spanish language immersion trips for children and adults interested in starting, improving or perfecting their Spanish as a second language, and for those who want to experience Spanish customs and lifestyle. We offer a Football program for children, and Company & Exceptional Breaks for adults, held at various locations throughout Spain.

Take your first steps in learning, improving and refining the Spanish language through a complete culture immersion, with both enriching and enjoyable activities for a deep understanding of the unique Spanish way of life. Join us at Spanishbreak, and make the most of half-term breaks, Summer holidays, Easter and Christmas.
Spanish Language & Culture Immersion Breaks for Kids & Adults:

School Breaks for Boys & Girls:
- Real Madrid Football Foundation Program (Ages 9-16)

Immersion Programs for Adults:
- Exceptional Breaks (Gastronomy, Oenology, Dance music, Fashion, and more)
- Company Breaks (Staff motivation, business events)
6. Greenheart Travel, Salamanca
Courses / Programs
In collaboration with our partner Spanish language school, Greenheart Travel offers summer Spanish language programs in Salamanca, Spain for teenagers aged between 14 - 16. Salamanca is located in the west of Spain, approximately 200 km west of the capital Madrid and 80 km east of the border with Portugal. The school is located only a five-minute walk from the Plaza Mayor, which is considered the center of this university town.

Students can choose to stay from 2 - 4 weeks. The Spanish summer immersion program includes 15 Spanish language classes per week, homestay with a Spanish host family as well as fun activities and excursions.

The language school staff consists of expert teachers who are native Spanish speakers and trained in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. All of the instructors are chosen because of their enthusiasm and commitment to teaching. They are dedicated to providing a variety of learning opportunities for students at all levels. Many methods are used to achieve this including oral practice, movies, cultural lessons, reading about current events, and listening activities.
Spanish language summer programs for teens aged 14 - 16 including:

- 15 Spanish classes per week
- Homestay accommodation with local host family
- Recreational activities & cultural excursions
& more...
Updated: 2015-05-12
Updated: 2015-05-12
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