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School for kids with special needs in Clark County, NV

The Achievement Academy, Henderson:
The Achievement Academy situated in Green Valley, Henderson, is Nevada’s first private, non-profit school specifically designed for children in grades one through eight who have Asperger’s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism (and related disorders). We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of our educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. In order to help our students achieve their full potential, our school provides an individualized academic curriculum, community-based instruction and social skills training. We utilize research-based educational programs taught at ability-level and not grade-level to ensure mastery of skills and maximize learning. The Achievement Academy also follows the evidence-based School-Wide Positive Behavioral Supports Model to develop and reinforce students appropriate behavioral expectations.

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A creative and challenging academic curriculum correlated to Nevada standards will be developed for each student that identifies their unique strengths and weaknesses and consistently meets their individual needs. The Achievement Academy intends to utilize research-based programs that are designed to ensure mastery of skills and maximize learning. Having the flexibility to offer instructions that are most appropriate for each student, instead of trying to fit the child into a particular program, will enable each student to make significant academic gains.

Social Skills Training:
Developmentally-based social skills programs will be utilized that provide sPhoto of School for kids with special needs in Clark County, NVocial stories, role-playing, modeling and opportunities for generalization. The tools for social success will also be incorporated in the daily core curriculum and will be an integral part of every class. Our small class sizes will allow greater flexibility to address social situations in the moment and in context.

Life Skills Training:
Innovative programs will be employed to develop self-advocacy and problem-solving skills, effective time management and work habits, organization and study skills, and integration and application of their acquired knowledge. The following instruction objectives represent important major areas of life activity that will be taught, in order to prepare students for success in the home, community and future work settings.

1. Personal Maintenance: Skills which are necessary for self care.
2. DomesImage of School for kids with special needs in Clark County, NVtic Maintenance: Skills which are necessary at home.
3. Safety and Health: Skills which are necessary to ensure safety and health care.
4. Functional Academics: Skills which apply academic skills to real life situations at home, on the job, or in the community.
5. Interpersonal Communication and Social Skills: Skills which are necessary to communicate and interact with others.
6. Vocational Education: Skills which are necessary to acquire and maintain a job.
7. Recreation and Leisure: Skills that are used to engage in recreational activities.
8. Community Skills: Skills which are necessary to participate in the community.

Life Skills Center:
Our visionPhotos of The Achievement Academy, Henderson for the future is to offer a Life Skills Center at our school which will be comprised of a fully-functional studio apartment and a combination supermarket/bank/post office. This Center will enhance the Life Skills Training Program at our school and provide the students with skills that can be learned before entering the community.

Summer Camp:
We also offer Summer Camp Programs for fun time and adventures.

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Address: Arroyo Grande Boulevard, Henderson, Nevada , USA