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Learn Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnamese Language Studies Saigon (VLS), Ho Chi Minh City:
Based in Ho Chi Minh City, southern Vietnam, Vietnamese Language Studies Saigon (VLS) was formerly known as Saigon Vietnamese Language School. With 15 years of experience teaching Vietnamese for international students, VLS is a leading professional school in the field. At VLS we take pride in being one of Vietnam's oldest language schools for foreigners, in our experience and in our serious commitment to continuous development of teaching methodology and resources. Our many successful students are our proudest achievement, yet we are also among the premier training institutes for teachers of Vietnamese Language. We have been selected at the school of choice by universities, consulates and corporations alike, and members of our faculty have gone on to teach Vietnamese at prestigious universities both abroad and in Vietnam. Above all, we are proud of our teachers, who are among the best in Vietnam and committed to continual improvement of their methods.

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Why VLS?

Photo of Learn Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City* VLS is experienced and professional
With 13 years of experience, we bring you the highest possible degree of professionalism and an ongoing commitment to excellence. Our teaching methods are a combination of innovation and interaction. Our high standard academic programs employ modern teaching techniques and have highly practical syllabus.

Our courses are focused on getting students communicating in real life situations quickly and confidently and our course materials are up-to-date and effective with extra-curriculum activities.

We believe in a creative approach including the latest resources, many of which are the result of the ongoing development of books, curriculum, practicums, student field trips, and forums like our culture club.

* VLS prides itself on being student-centered & flexible
Our courses and schedules are tailor-made to suit the needs of the needs of individuale students, coperate clients and academic programs. We offer a variety of courses that accommodate all levels and language abilities and our instructors can travel to your home or workplace to hold classes on-site.

* VLS relies on immersion-based education
We strive to offer programs that allow students to learn from not only their interactions in class, but also classes and field trips held in locations and situations outside the campus that allow students to learn language and culture in the context of daily life and a variety of cultural excursions. They are known as practicum classes and language immersion field trips (LIFT). We also offer internships for our students in a wide variety of organizations and businesses.

* At VLS you're not just a student, you're part of a community!
Our faculty and staff are here to provide their services, support and friendship.


To continually develop and improve our standards as a leading professional institution specializing in teaching Vietnamese to international students. We strive to be the top provider of high quality education and academic programs in Viet Nam for students of all levels and needs.

* To provide language training that produces real and effective results, immediately applicable to students' daily life and work in Vietnam
* To create innovations in immersion-based language training through the development of practicum classes and field trips designed to take advantage of the local environment and help students achieve greater functional fluency.
* To bridge the cultural gap between the Vietnamese nation and its international friends.
* To conduct research and make advances in the field of teaching Vietnamese as a Foreign Language (VFL); to develop new curriculum and course materials to be used for VFL classes.
* To train new teachers in VFL methodology and serve as a resource for existing teachers of VFL.


At VLS, we emphasize practical and effective results. We continue to work by the values and beliefs that have allowed us to be so successful so far. We believe that we have made them by our heart, devotion, creativity, integrity and commitment for excellence in whatever we do.

* Our goal is to provide the finest quality teaching and the most comfortable learning environment for our students, who come to Vietnam from all corners of the world.

* To meet the varied and specialized needs of all our students, and to offer suitable training for businesspeople, academics, government officials, or those just here for a visit.

* We are committed to presenting a positive and accurate image of Vietnam, its people and culture, while at the same time learning about your learning style and your own culture to create the best possible learning exchange.

* We are confident that, through the instruction and support of our faculty and staff, our international students will come to regard Vietnam with a more refined, intimate, and knowledgeable perspective.

Teaching Methodology:

At VLS our philosophy is to make our students classroom experience personalized, interesting, and motivating so that our students can start to communicate in Vietnamese quickly, clearly and confidently. The student forms the basis for VLS classes. As each student has particular needs, strengths and weaknesses, and their own learning style, VLS teachers take an interactive approach to building a course together with the student.

We tailor each class to best develop Vietnamese language skills that precisely meet the student's individual abilities and thereby produce the best possible results. The reason VLS teachers undergo continuous training in pedagogy and methodology is so that we can provide flexible, modern and effective methods for a broad range of learners. Though we have had success over the past years, the VLS methodology is one based on continual improvement of our faculty and resources.

Our teaching methodology follows a communicative approach which emphasizes teacher-student interaction and focuses on developing students' listening and speaking skills from the start. The communicative approach ensures that students will not only understand the linguistic rules of Vietnamese, but will also be able to communicate in Vietnamese with confidence in real-world situations.

Our teachers utilize a wide range of interactive and fun activities and games that give students the opportunity to practice using Vietnamese in life-like situations within a class environment where mistakes can be quickly corrected and allowing the student to easily transfer their knowledge of Vietnamese from the class to real life situations with native Vietnamese speakers.

VLS sees all of Viet Nam as your classroom, we employ excursions to better facilitate cultural learning and giving the students the opportunity to use Vietnamese in many practical situations.


Core Courses
- Intensive Vietnamese
- Basic Conversational Vietnamese for Beginners
- Upper-Elementary Vietnamese
- Intermediate Vietnamese
- Advanced Vietnamese

Speciality Courses
- Vietnamese for Tourists
- Vietnamese for Heritage Learners
- Intensive Conversational Vietnamese
- Vietnamese Literature
- Advanced Vietnamese Composition with Language Immersion Field Trips

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Address: 45 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam