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English Course in The Hague - Cursus Engels in Den Haag

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Kickstart School, The Hague:
Kickstart School is a language school in The Hague (Den Haag) in the Netherlands that provides English and Dutch language courses. Our school is located at Laan Copes van Cattenburch 86, and is easy to reach by public transport. Our English courses are available for students from beginner to advanced level and include IELTS exam preparation, business English and private English lessons for individuals or groups. Private tuition can take place at your office or home, or at our school and class content can be completely customized according to your needs.

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English Language Courses in The Hague:

General English Courses:
GePhoto of English Course in The Hague - Cursus Engels in Den Haagneral English Courses are taught at Pre-Intermediate Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and IELTS levels. Our English courses are normally 24 hours in duration, usually consisting of 12 sessions of 2 hours, or 8 sessions of 3 hours. As in all our courses, the focus is on the functional use of language with an emphasis on speaking and understanding. We use a variety of methodologies which are suitable for diverse learning requirements. In order to maximise and enhance your language learning, you will be expected to complete approximately two hours of homework per week.

IELTS Exam Preparation Course (35 hours):
The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an exam designed to test your proficiency in English. IELTS is recognised by more than 6,000 institutions in over 135 countries, including professional organisations, university faculties, educational establishments and government agencies. Kickstart’s IELTS preparation course will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to take the test with confidence. The course consists of 35 hours of classroom-based, guided study with 1 to 2 hours of homework each week. The lessons will cover 4 modules (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and will familiarise you with all question types and tasks that you are likely to see in the IELTS test, increasing your proficiency in each.

Our course is delivered by qualified and experienced trainers, in a friendly and professional manner, with continuous teacher feedback and assistance. Prospective students are expected to have a minimum English language level of B2 (Common European Framework standard). You will be asked to take a short entry level assessment test which includes reading, writing and speaking. Individual IELTS pre-test training is also available.

English Conversation Courses:
Image of English Course in The Hague - Cursus Engels in Den HaagKickstart offers Conversation Courses at two levels:

- Level 1: Pre-intermediate/Intermediate
- Level 2: Upper-intermediate/Advanced.

These courses are designed to give students the opportunity to talk about interesting, important and current issues. Each lesson consists of two hours and students are expected to do homework tasks in between lessons. Through group discussions, role play, debates, games and quizzes etc., students will develop their ability to understand and use spoken English, and to utilise their knowledge of grammar. The range of topics in these courses is broad: travel, food, work, sport, but also history and culture. The lesson material (e.g. newspaper/magazine articles, audio material) will provide the students with new vocabulary and feedback will be given on pronunciation and grammar problems.

Customized Corporate Courses:
Kickstart offers customized General English, Business English and Professional English Courses.

Our stimulating, tailor-made English courses can be delivered at our school locations or in your workplace. All our business courses are practical, dynamic and skills-based, using everyday business English in role-playing, dialogues and group discussions. They are based on your needs and are delivered either one-to-one or in small groups. Specific areas covered include

- General Business English
- Legal English
- Technical English
- Banking & Finance English

Private English Lessons:
Private English tuition is available for individuals and small groups. These private lessons can be held at the school at Koninginnegracht 72 or at your home or work place, if required. In some cases we will have to charge for the travelling time. Usually these lessons last 1 to 1.5 hour and are totally flexible.

With private tuition, the programme is completely tailored to your wishes. Before the lessons start, you and your tutor will devise a personal plan. The programme is adjusted throughout the course through regular feedback.

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Address: Laan Copes van Cattenburch 86, 2585 GE, The Hague, Netherlands
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The BSN Language Centre, The Hague
Courses / Programs
The BSN Language Centre is a unique and dedicated language centre of The British School in The Netherlands. We provide a wide range of English and Dutch language courses from beginner to advanced levels (A1 - C2 on the Common European Framework for English).

Situated in The Hague, the BSN Language Centre is the specialist for Dutch and English language training for the local and international community. 

Serving students from around the world, we have a programme of daytime and evening courses for adults at all levels, as well as for children & teenagers.

With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality courses taught by native-speaker teachers in a modern yet welcoming environment. 

All of our teachers are native speakers, and we are the only language school in The Hague region with Cambridge English Language Assessment accreditation to offer CELTA Teacher Training Courses.

Student Testimonial:
"I realised how valuable it is for me to know the internationally important language of English. I already speak Russian, and of course, Georgian, but English is becoming more important.

When I studied English in school in Georgia, I learned the vocabulary, and I could read and write quite well, but I was not confident in my speaking...until I came to the BSN Language Centre. Now I can go back to Georgia and do a better job speaking English with the foreigners I meet. This was very good practice for me!"

- Sofio from Georgia
Beginner to Advanced Level English Language Courses:

- General English
- Intensive English
- Cambridge Exam Preparation for FCE, CAE & CPE
- IELTS Exam Preparation
- English Conversation
- Private Lessons
- Business English
- In-Company Courses
- Online English Classes

Course features include:
- Small group classes
- Lively course format
- Qualified & experienced, native-speaker teachers
- Modern facilities

Also taught:
- CELTA English Teacher Training
- English for Children / Teens
- Dutch language courses (for adults)
Direct Dutch, The Hague
Courses / Programs
The Direct Dutch Institute, founded in 1985, is situated near the centre of The Hague, a few minutes away from Laan van NOI station. Direct Dutch provides effective courses for foreigners who wish to acquire an active command of Dutch while staying in the Netherlands.

We use the direct method, which means that we try to speak Dutch as much as possible during the lessons. (Since some aspects of the grammar will be explained in English, it is important that participants of beginners courses have a basic knowledge of English).

You might like to get to know the Dutch better, the people and their culture; perhaps you have Dutch relatives or have to live in the Netherlands for a few years; you may need Dutch for business reasons, or wish to take part in Dutch social life; or maybe you just have linguistic or historical interests, and simply like Holland, Belgium and their people. Whatever the reason, learning Dutch will make you an insider rather than an outsider in these countries.

The Hague on the North Sea coast, with a population of 0.5 million, is the third-largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and is the seat of Dutch government.

"As a student of Direct Dutch I feel that I have made excellent progress in my learning of the Dutch language..I’ve made many friends while attending class. I cannot wait to come back to do another session and to see all of my friends at Direct Dutch." 
Daytime & Evening Dutch Classes:
- Beginners Dutch A1 course (0-A1 level)
- Beginners Dutch A2 course (A1 - A2 level)
- Intermediate Dutch course (A2 - B1 level)
- Advanced Dutch course (B1 - B2 level)
- Intensive Beginners course (0 - A2 level)
- Intensive Intermediate course (A2 - B1 level)
- Intensive Advanced course (B1 - B2 level)
- NT2-II Course (Dutch as a Second Language examination preparation)
- Conversation plus (B1 +)
- Private Dutch lessons
- In-Company courses (Dutch for business)
English Level Test
Courses / Programs
Do you need to improve your English so that you can work in an English-speaking country? Are you are a non-native English speaker who wishes to study in a college or university in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia?

Learn4Good.com provides an English Level Test that is taken by thousands of visitors (in schools and homes throughout the world) to our website every week.

This test, online since 2003, assesses your English grammar skills and requires a good general knowledge of English vocabulary.

Take the English Test HERE: English Level Test.

When you have completed the test, it tells you your study level. There are 8 levels of English language proficiency - from complete beginner to advanced level. It is very accurate in our English teaching experience. (Of course, nothing is perfect!)
- English Level Test which evaluates your English grammar and some vocabulary.

On completion of the test, you will be told what your current level is - from beginner to advanced.
Updated: 2015-10-19
Updated: 2015-10-19
Kickstart School, The Hague
Courses / Programs
Kickstart School is a Dutch language school in The Hague, centrally located at Laan Copes van Cattenburch 86 in a beautiful 19th century building with spacious classrooms. We provide Dutch language & English language courses to students and business professionals from around the world at all levels - from total beginners to advanced.

Student Quotes:
"Good value for your money"
"Small classes and a very nice atmosphere."
"Each lesson was valuable in exposing us to the Dutch life and language."

Our Dutch language courses usually take 24 hours to complete, spread over 4 – 14 weeks. At the end of the course, you receive a Certificate of Attendance if you have attended at least 80% of the program. We also offer private Dutch lessons and corporate Dutch language training.

In all Kickstart courses, except for the exam courses, the emphasis placed is on verbal communication during the lesson. Writing can be part of the home work. In the exam courses, we also spend lesson time on writing. Listening exercises are an integral part of all lessons.

The ideal / maximum group size is 8 for day groups, and between 8 to 10 students for evening groups. For Au Pair groups, we take 10-12 students.
Beginners Dutch Courses
-Starterpack for Beginners (24 hrs)
-Basic Dutch course for Au Pairs (24 hrs)

Intermediate Dutch
-Stepping Stone I, II & III (each 24 hrs)
(including Intermediate Dutch for Au Pairs)
-NT2 Exam Prep Programme I (18 hrs)

Advanced Dutch
-NT2 Exam Prep Programme II (35 hrs)
-Digital Writing (24 hrs)
-Dutch Culture & Conversation class (24 hrs)

Further Programs
-Corporate Customised Dutch Courses including Lunch & Learn program
-Private Dutch lessons
-Summer Dutch courses

-English Courses
Heritage English Homestay Courses
Courses / Programs
Heritage English is an English language school located on the south coast of England that offers one-to-one or small group homestay English courses for students from around the world.

We are based in Lymington in Hampshire, approximately 25 km east of Bournemouth and 17 km south-west of Southampton.

We combine top professional teaching standards customised to your needs, with a quality homestay. Live in a friendly, comfortable, caring family environment, and speak / listen to and learn English from morning to night.

Heritage English provides Business English immersion, one-to-one or small group intensive English courses at very competitive inclusive rates.

Our past students have come from a wide range of industries, including banking, airlines and manufacturing, among many others.

The combination of intensive formal one-to-one lessons combined with the daily conversation practice out of lessons is what we call “total immersion”. There is a wide range of sporting and leisure activities that students can combine with their homestay course.

Our directors are fully Cambridge qualified, and have a wide experience of hosting and teaching students of all ages and levels of English.
- English homestay courses for individual students / small groups

- Business English total immersion courses for professionals

- Academic English homestay courses

- Exam preparation homestay courses for students preparing for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge FCE, CAE & CPE exams
- English language homestay courses for young learners

Sports activities include Golf, Tennis, Horse Riding, Sailing, Surfing, Canoeing / Kayaking, Windsurfing, Rock climbing, Cycling, Swimming, and more.