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Teaching Exchange Programs in the USA

Amity Institute, San Diego:
Amity Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building international friendship and cultural understanding through teaching exchange. We are located in the Midway District, San Diego, California. Based on the belief that cross-cultural interaction creates an effective, dynamic learning environment, Amity Institute sponsors international educators to teach foreign languages, bilingual education, math, science and special education in US schools. Our Intern Program places teaching assistants in elementary, middle, secondary schools, colleges and universities. The Exchange Teacher Program arranges for certified, experienced educators from other countries to serve as temporary faculty at primary and secondary levels in the US.

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Intern Teacher Program:
The Intern Teacher Program provides volunteer teaching assistants to serve as models of language and culture in US schoolsPhoto of Teaching Exchange Programs in the USA at all levels, from preschool through university. Interns can be assigned to a school for up to 12 months. Interns assist in the classroom for up to 25 hours per week, take Personal Study Classes and live with American Host Families. Interns are here to bring their languages and cultures to life, to engage and motivate students and leave them with new confidence in their ability to communicate across borders. Interns inform and inspire, helping students better understand other parts of the world. Our Interns will shape the local community’s perspective on their country, its culture and people. Interns also learn about US culture and gain a deeper understanding of their own. Our final goal is that Interns return home and share what they have learned and experienced with their own communities.

Entry Requirements:

In order to qualify as an Amity Intern Teacher all applicants must be:
* Between the ages of 20 and 30
* Single with noImage of Teaching Exchange Programs in the USA children
* Currently enrolled in/completed higher education
* Native speakers of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese or Spanish
(other languages cannot be considered at this time)

Most importantly the applicant must have an enthusiasm for working with US students and enjoy intercultural communication!

Exchange Teacher Program:
The Exchange Teacher Program arranges for certified professional teachers to serve as temporary paid faculty at primary and secondary levels. International teachers can be assigned for up to three years at a school. Our international teachers currently educate American students in a variety of fields including foreign languages, bilingual education, math, science and special education.

Exchange Teacher Program Requirements:

- English fluency
- Three years of classroom experience
- Teaching certification/license from home country
- Academic background in education
- Equivalent of US bachelors degree

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Address: Rosecrans Place, San Diego, California , USA