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Montessori Preschool in Austin, Texas

One World Montessori School, Austin:
Rated among the top Montessori schools in Austin, One World Montessori School, located in Cedar Park (a major suburb of Austin) in Travis and Williamson Counties, TX, provides a quality private school learning experience for toddlers and preschoolers. One World Montessori School offers a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of children and their parents. Pre-Primary (18 months - 3 years) and Primary (3 - 6 years) Programs are available. Your child will enjoy a home-like environment with stimulating materials for learning designed to fit his needs. Small class sizes and low ratios will allow our Montessori certified teachers to give your child the individual attention he needs to reach his fullest potential.

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The Montessori Method fosters a love of learning, while encouraging independence and respect for others. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, nationality or ethnic origin.

Education Programs:

Photo of Montessori Preschool in Austin, Texas- Pre-Primary Program (18 months - 3 years)
- Primary Program (3 - 6 years)
- Afternoon Kindergarten Program (usually 4 1/2 - 5 years)
- Enrichment Programs with Spanish language, Yoga, Music Together, Dance, Drama
- Summer Camps: Full-Time and Part-Time options available.

Features of Our Education Programs:
- Montessori certified teachers who undergo intensive training in order to serve as guides to discovery.

- Low child-to-teacher ratios (a maximum of 13 children per class).

- Mixed age group classrooms to promote cooperative learning, peer-teaching and social interaction.

- The school-wide study of the Spanish language and culture through instruction, programs and celebrations.

- Prepared classroom environments with scientifically-designed Montessori materials for learning.

- Music Together preschool music & movement program developed by Princeton University (classes held weekly).

- Weekly Yoga classes.

- Arts and Crafts.

- Use of the Children’s Garden, Nature Trails and the Labyrinth.

- An emphasis on Cultural Education and diversity through teaching, celebrations, and the Montessori materials.

- Healthy, organic snacks and a classroom cleaned with environmentally friendly and kid-safe cleaning products.

Montessori Method:

Montessori classrooms encompass an age span of three years. This allows younger students to learn from older role models and older students to test and reinforce their knowledge by helping younger classmates. Working in the same class for three years (3-6), children are able to develop a strong sense of community with their classmates and teachers. This also gives the children a foundation on which to build their future interactions with others and the world in general. The experience of success after an initial difficulty is the essence of effort. This simple concept facilitates self confidence and a tremendous interest in learning.

The Montessori curriculum is organized into a mosaic of integrated studies. This is in contrast with the traditional education methods, where the curriculum is compartmentalized into subjects that are treated separately.

At One World Montessori School, we feel that the Montessori method is the only educational philosophy that truly embraces the spirit of the child.

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Address: 3315 El Salido Pkwy, Cedar Park, Austin, Texas , USA