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Milwaukee Spanish Immersion School:
Conveniently situated in Milwaukee WI, Milwaukee Spanish Immersion School (MSIS) provides English-speaking students the opportunity to learn Spanish in a school where Spanish is the primary language of instruction. Students at MSIS become proficient in the Spanish language and develop an appreciation for Hispanic cultures. Our outstanding Spanish language immersion program is suitable for students from K4 through Grade 5. Children are accepted in kindergarten and Grade 1 only. Previous Spanish language experience is required to enter Grades 2-5.

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Our Faculty:

Milwaukee Spanish Immersion School (MSIS) provides our students with a large, reliable support system. Students should never hesitate to ask a staff member for advice on challenging homework or a difficult personal issue. Extra homework help is always available. Our experienced and qualified faculty is committed to providing the best materials and opportunities for students in order for them to succeed. Students are guided to become self-confident learners who develop into intelligent and strong leaders.

Spanish Immersion Programs for K4-Grade 5 Students:
MSIS provides our students with a solid academic foundation with instruction in all basic areas. The majority of instruction is taught in the target language of Spanish. However, students also learn to read, write and speak fluently in English. Children receive reading instruction in English beginning in Grade 2. These language and communication skills equip the students with the knowledge and tools to succeed in high school and beyond. 

Not only does second language acquisition provide students with higher scores on standardized tests in Reading, Language Arts and Math, but it also bolsters writing and comprehension abilities. The Spanish immersion learning method gives students an alternate manner in which they can process and learn new information in our interconnected world. Learners’ show improved listening, memory and problem-solving skills.

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Address: 2765 South 55th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin , USA
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Language Stars
Courses / Programs
Language Stars in Illinois provides fun, full immersion programs for children (ages 1-10) in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Mandarin Chinese. Our unique FunImmersion® method is the best way for children to enjoy learning a foreign language. We focus solely on a child's Window of Opportunity, between birth and adolescence, to absorb a foreign language naturally.

We have 15 Chicagoland locations: Chicago - Andersonville; Chicago - Hyde Park; Chicago - Lincoln Park; Barrington; Arlington Heights; Deerfield / Lake Forest; Homewood / Flossmoor; Crystal Lake; Naperville; Park Ridge; Geneva / St. Charles; Orland Park/Palos Park; Wilmette; Hinsdale / Oakbrook and Wheaton.

Parent Testimonial:
“Prior to FunImmersion®, I thought learning Spanish was a matter of learning the vocabulary and pronunciation. Now I realize learning Spanish is a matter of fully immersing the entire body with all five senses into the language for total comprehension. The result, therefore, is not simply learning to speak Spanish. Instead, it is seeing, hearing, touching, even “tasting” and “smelling” by way of Spanish, bringing a fuller comprehension of the language.”
– Stacey McNeely, Language Stars parent
Play-based, full immersion programs in small groups of 4-8 children in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Mandarin Chinese: Ages 1-3 (parent & tot), Ages 3-5 (Kids Only), Ages 5-8 (Kids Only), Ages 8-10 (Kids Only), summer camps. We make learning fun, through an engaging mix of games, songs, puppet shows, arts & crafts, cooking projects, treasure hunts, movement and drama, all in the foreign language.
Multilingual Connections, Chicago
Courses / Programs
Dedicated to honoring and promoting the multilingual diversity of Chicago, Multilingual Connections provides quality classes for kids and adults in more than 20 foreign languages, including Mandarin Chinese. Conveniently situated in West Bucktown on the northwest side of the city, our classes are taught by highly-experience and qualified instructors. We also offer private Mandarin and Cantonese lessons.

At Multilingual Connections, we engage kids and teens with their Chinese heritage, or enhance their cultural awareness through Mandarin language classes, tutoring for K-12 students, and school programs. Parents can join their tots in the classroom, and big kids get some alone time – giving you time to relax over organic tea in our sunny café!

It’s never too early for a child to start learning the Chinese language, and the cognitive and social benefits of learning a second language at a young age are endless. Our fun and interactive classes introduce the Mandarin language in a culturally-rich, immersive learning environment.

Parent Testimonial:
"My daughter and I have very much been enjoying the Saturday morning 1-3 year old class. The teachers are really great with the kids and they pack an amazing amount into each session. It's a great way to start the weekend. The space is also very nice and there's a great little cafe inside. All around this place is top-notch. Highly recommended!"
Mandarin Chinese Classes for Kids:

- Mandarin Explorers: Ages 1-3
- Mandarin Voyagers: Ages 3-5
- Mandarin Adventurers: Ages 6-8
- Private Chinese lessons for kids
- Private Chinese tutoring for elementary, middle & high students
- Chinese programs for schools
Futura Language Professionals
Courses / Programs
Futura Language Professionals is a community-based organization dedicated to teaching the Spanish language. We offer a wide range of Spanish immersion programs to children and adults of all ages and abilities. Futura Language Professionals are located across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Texas, Florida & Illinois. We come onsite to your preschool or daycare.

Our experienced and enthusiastic staff has traveled the globe. Our teachers bring a contagious love for language and culture to the classroom. A creative approach to language learning allows each of our teachers to demonstrate and use their best skills to teach Spanish while using our proven methods of instruction.

All of our spanish instructors have college educations, experience working with children, and a true commitment to creating a multilingual and multicultural environment in the places we live.
Beginner to Advanced Level Spanish Classes for Kids & Adults:

- Preschool Spanish
- Elementary School Spanish
- Middle School Spanish
- Spanish Summer Camps
- Before and After School Spanish programs
- Spanish Enrichment programs
- Adult Spanish classes

Our Language Professionals come onsite to your preschool or daycare.
Lango Foreign Languages for Kids | Wisconsin
Courses / Programs
With 5 campuses throughout the Dane County area in Madison and Wanaukee, Lango Foreign Languages For Kids Wisconsin provides quality Spanish, French and Mandarin language classes for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten and elementary school students from the age of 18 months to 11 years. We teach children new languages in full immersion classes through Adventure Learning ®, our innovative approach that combines stories, music, playacting, and game-playing in an engaging format. More than 2,000 students are taught each year by Lango Leaders in more than 100 communities across the U.S.

Growth in enrollment for Lango's Mandarin, French and Spanish classes reflects parents' understanding about the importance of exposure to another language at a young age. The earlier a child begins a foreign language, the more dramatic the overall academic benefits. Research shows that students who learn a foreign language score higher on standardized tests and perform better in school. With Lango, kids make developmental strides that will prepare them to succeed in school, gain an appreciation for other cultures and make new friends in the classroom, plus they have a great time in the process!
Quality Spanish, French & Mandarin Classes for Kids ages 18 months - 11 Years including:

- Toddler language classes (Ages 18 months - 3 years)
- Preschooler language classes (Ages 2 - 5 years)
- Language classes for elementary school kids (ages 6 - 11 years)
- Spanish / French / Mandrain language summer camp (ages 5 - 11)
- High quality instruction
- Unique, comprehensive curriculum
- Fun in-class activities
- Feedback from teachers to parents
- At-home reinforcement tools
The International School of Minnesota
Courses / Programs
The International School of Minnesota's English Language Learning Summer Camp for Grades 6-12 - designed for non-native English speaking students based in USA, and international students to learn English or improve their English as they enjoy everything Minnesota has to offer.

This residential English camp is situated on campus at the prestigious International School of Minnesota (ISM) in Eden Prairie MN, just 25 minutes south-west of Minneapolis.

Students participate in exercises and activities that stretch and solidify their written and spoken English beginning with classroom activities in the morning followed by afternoon cultural activities organized to practice emerging English skills.
Residential English Language Summer Camp:
- For non-native English speakers / international students entering Grades 6-12

- 2 & 4-week study options

- Room and board (3 meals/day)

- 4 hours of English classes and cultural activities, 5 days per week

- Afternoon cultural exploration
Updated: 2016-01-22
Updated: 2016-01-22