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thanoja thanoja, Posted: 2008-02-19 10:42:33
hi,dear sir/madam,i like to work as a caregiver in usa.currently i am working as a nursingaid in singapore.i have been working 10 years in singapore.thanks.god bless u.
olivia olivia, Posted: 2008-02-23 04:57:35

Hi, Im Olivia G. Montoya, 44 yrs.old, a filipina ,finished a degree of Management and Industrial Engineer and completed the Caregiver Training Course Program. I've been in USA Oct./2001 for 6months and worked as carer in a Residential Home care in San Diego for Developmentally Disabled Person. But because of my visa i have to go back home in the Philippines. In year 2003 Nov. 31, left the country and went in England but still as a tourist visa for 6 months an Agency pomised me to helped as soon as I get in England. Before my visa expires find this Agency CELNET a filipina-English operate it I paid £2,500.00, to work and apply for my work permit and visa. While my documents and application still in processed i worked in the Nursing Home in Yockleton Grange in Shewrsbury in the countryside for 8 months. I didnt have luck to get a work permit and visa because of the English partner of the Agency messed up my application asking more money . I left the Nursing Home backed in London. I worked as a private carer live -in to the Jewish Family looking after an 83yrs.old Alzheimers lady. Then because she's getting difficult violent they put her inthe Nursing home. Then for the last almost 2 yrs. i looked after an 83 yrs old lady she's bedridden and doing my duties at nights for 12hrs. and i worked as a housekeeper in the morning. I got all these jobs because of recommendations of my filipinos friend and also of my nice references because of my work performance. And Im proud and delighted.A lot of things happened sinced of my stay in Englang for almost 4yrs. 2004 my mum died didnt able to go home and last Jul 05/2007 my son died of Muscular Dystrophy, can't go home because of my situation. Have to choose because i still have 3 children who needs me...

I want to work legally with legal documents so i can go home and see my family. So, last yr. a friend recommend me to this Irish family they're hired me and promised to apply for my work permit and visa. So, i crossed the border lucklily to go in Ireland. Am now here in Ireland in the countryside a remote control area looking after an Alzheimer Lady 82yrs old. live -in since Sept./07 but what they promised now still floating . I thinked they want to hold me here and taking advantaged in my situation.

So, if there someone who needs a carer , a private carer Im willing to apply and dedicate my work and time. As i really want to work legally have legal documents working Abroad.Have to fullfill the dreams of my kids, they're in the University now taking up B.S. Nursing and B.S. Psychology. Thank you so much, looking forward to here response from my letter. God Bless
olivia olivia, Posted: 2008-02-23 05:14:02

Hi , its me again Olivia G. Montoya . Ive send already my letter and just in case anyone whose interested in my apllication to work as a carer here is my email address: . thank you
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2008-03-04 12:02:14

Hello , my name is Linda , I am 48 yrs old , have caregiver experience , have taken care of gentlemaen whi have had strokes , i am able to assist with physical therapy , am a great cook , enjoy life and feel good helping others .
I will live in or out , have no ties and 2would like to hear from anyone needing a caregiver . My email is <>
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2008-03-16 22:23:03

Hi,my name is Zinoviya(Zina) Yednakovska,50 years old.I 'm Ukrainian lady and I live in Chicago.
I have 2 years experience like caregiver with elder lady(92) .I have a reference.
I 'm legally in USA,I have Green Card.
My c-phone 773-414-0139
Thank you
Neneita Neneita, Posted: 2008-03-26 06:19:08

Hi , My name is Nenita Khan , I am doing my caregiver training in St.Augustine School of Nursing and I am a prctical Christian and looking a job in USA/UK/CANADA or EUROPE , I will appreciate if someone can guide me .
I am 26years Old and slim .
Please contact me on
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2008-04-18 23:20:48 christine, single mom and a gradaute of B.S. Accountancy, and took a caregiver training course at University of Perpetual Help-Laspinas, Philippines. I am 31 years old, came from a big family and that is one reason why i love elders and kids...i am a very jolly person, with a great sense of humor, love to laugh and love to see people happy always despite of being old or have sick.

email me at if you are interested.

thank you. God Bless!
glory_bio glory_bio, Posted: 2008-04-19 02:15:00

I'm Glorificasion Bio,

A 38 years old female from philippines,a registered midwife, have been working in taiwan as a caregiver for 2 years, At Yung Ta Nursing home. Sincerely willing to work and ready to give care for anyone who wants my tender loving care,from elderly to children i love it.My duties include taking Vital Signs, Personal Care, and Moving, turning and transferring of the patients.I am truly a caring individual in whom my clients become not only my patient but family.

thank you so much and godbless you
Glory R. Bio
Juviemagdua Juviemagdua, Posted: 2008-04-20 10:25:22

Dera Ms. Tracy,
I have read your message and I am very much interested on the job. Iam Juvie Magdua living here in the Philippines,31 y/o married with 3 kids,2 girls and 1 boy. Iam a graduate of nursing, at this time I am taking up a training for caregiving and hope to finish this coming month of May. I love pets actually we have labrador,lovebirds and chicken at home. I had been a privae nurse for a couple of years, I took care a chinese couple. We are four nurses working in a shift,we lived with the old couples house. I took care with the old man with alzheimers dse.
If you will hire me, I promise to do my very best to meet your expectations.
Iam hoping for your positive response!
You cam email me at, hope to receive email from you either positive or negative.
Thank you and Godbless!
HLmoyer HLmoyer, Posted: 2008-05-26 22:12:48

I have been a caregiver for three women over the last 30 years. One was a MS patient,the others were elderly. I am looking for a live in position in the southwestern US. I do not smoke and will not work for smokers. If you would like to email me questions I will reply. Thank you,Heidi PLEASE Write in title of email (About Caregiving)

Thank you again
olivia olivia, Posted: 2008-05-30 08:47:54

My name is Olivia Montoya, 45 years old, Filipina. Im a degree holder finished Management and Industrial Engineer and completed the Caregiver Training Course as well. I have an extensive experience in Homecare to the Elderly(Dementia/Alzheimers). I worked in England for almost 4yrs. looking after Elderly people and I voluntarily worked as well in San Diego C.A for the Developmentally Disabled Person. I have good references in my previous employers. I am looking for a job now as Live in Caregiver and willing to work in USA, if you can apply my work visa please.

Sincerely yours,
Olivia Montoya
John Ottens John Ottens, Posted: 2008-06-07 16:43:50

Hello to all and to all a good night:) but I would start humorously anyway I am a 52-year-old male quadriplegic (C4-5) living in Onalaska, Wisconsin and in search of a long-term live-in caregiver who speaks English well and doesn't smoke or drink. I'm looking for someone who is very dedicated, understanding, open-minded, honest, caring, bubbly and maybe throw in sensual. Anyway and if you seemed intrigued e-mail me at
and I will forward you a photo of myself with a description of the job or my cares whichever. If you wouldn't mind sending a photo of yourself that would be helpful.
janice janice, Posted: 2008-06-09 05:29:47

Good Day Sir/Madam, Im Janice Sucaldito from Philippines, a 24 years of age and single.A graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education, year 2006. Recently I'm taking up my caregiver training in Baguio and one of the best caregiving school in Baguio City, Philippines (MMS Development Training Center Corporation). I'm looking for my employer who can hire me.I'm willing to render my service as I can. I can do household chores also and cooking as well. If somebody who's interested with you can email or contact at my celphone# +6309062752812.

Thank you for your consideration and God Bless.
Erlinda Danila Erlinda Danila, Posted: 2008-06-26 23:59:22

Hi, i'm very interested about the job posted above herein, my name is Erlinda Danila a caregiver graduate and a mom of a 11 year old son. Looking forward to work with you, thank you in advance....God Bless.


Erlinda Danila
Erlinda Danila Erlinda Danila, Posted: 2008-06-27 00:11:35

i forgot to include my contact number; mobile # 09213645047. Thank you
myksan_1581 myksan_1581, Posted: 2008-06-30 09:41:27

HI! im 27 years old from the Philippines and i am very interested to work as a care giver in USA. Im a certified and professional caregiver and I'm interested to apply in any position that commensurates my application. Please email me Thanks.
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2008-07-27 21:15:31

Hi, my name is Marian Douglas and I am from Fiji and am single. I am 32 years of age and am interested in caregiving. My qualifications are certificate in first aid and at the moment i am doing a course on caregiving. I am very good at looking after the elderly as i have looked after my grandparents for so long until their death. I am an honest and a reliable person. Please e-mail me if you are interested: or call +679 9311206
bert bert, Posted: 2008-09-03 18:37:38

My name is marc i'm 30yr old male quadriplegic paralyzed from the neck down. I am looking for a caregiver around my age to live with me and take care of me. I will be getting my own apartment and would like a live in. I am very entergenic and like to do something almost daily, like go to the park, shopping, dinner, movies. I am very easy to get alone with and would prefer a female that is easy going, good at cooking, able to give me good range of motion, bath, dress and help me with day to day activities. i live in albany new york. I am currently in a nursing home and it is not the place for me. The individual must be responsable and trustworthy.
bert bert, Posted: 2008-09-03 18:40:25

its marc again.

my email is


Hope to here from you.
MIKE FLANERY MIKE FLANERY, Posted: 2008-09-10 17:03:39

56 yr. old male quadriplegic lookink for a live in caregiver-companion.would like someone over 40. single with no miner kids. need drivers licence. smokers ok. will pay 600.00 per wk. plus room and board. im very laid back. you will have lots of you time. if interested email me at i live in central iowa. mike
PHAW PHAW, Posted: 2008-09-11 14:16:00

Hello!!! sir/madam, my name Paul im 30 yrs old, i took up nursing and i would like to apply as a caregiver, i have experience to take care elderly or any. im welling to be a part of the family. i am very much welling and able to serve you with all
my heart and i well take care, love with all my self dedication.
presently im here staying in dubai. hoping to hear from you, until next time....god bless you.

email add:
azasen azasen, Posted: 2008-09-12 07:18:06

Dear Sir or Madam, I am a professional officially certified caregiver (PCA) for disabled and elderly people and I like my profession very much. I have got all medical examination and vaccination documents issued this summer and my patients references. I have got 4 years experience as a caregiver. I can give my patient wide ranges of professional care include dietary cooking and housekeeping. I am a very strong man and I can lift and move a very heavy patient. I can speak English, Russian and Ukrainian. I am a permanent U.S. resident and I can pass drug screening test and background check. I am looking for care giving job with live-in schedule only. Thank you for your attention to my message. God bless you. Alex. Contect me :
joannie joannie, Posted: 2008-09-15 10:11:26

dear sir/ madam
hi!! im Joannie Bautista 31 years old from the philippines. Im a single parent of 3. I'm a graduate of Commerce major in banking and Finance and also a graduate of caregiver @ St. Agustine School of Nursing. . . I've worked as caregiver here in the Philippines for about 3 years 2004-2007 and went to hongkonh last June 2008 but unfortunately I did not successeed because my employers bit me that's why I've decided to go home. . .I'm loyal, responsible and thrustworthy. I hope as soon as u read this letter of mine you will be interested to hire me. . . Thanks
Dolorosa Dolorosa, Posted: 2008-09-16 02:59:38

Dear Sir/Madam:

Hi!I'm Dolorosa Caburnay 21 years of age ,single from Philippines.Is there possibility that I can apply for that position.I'm Caregiver graduate and I've 1 year and 4 months experience a nursing attendant wherein Balamban District Hospital Balamban,Cebu,Philippines.With the knowledge and skills I had gained through my different trainings an exposure with my perseverance and enthusiasm may I apply for it.If there is a possibility kind inform me at
I'll be grateful for any reply.
God Bless you.

Sincerely yours,

Dolorosa Caburnay
Izzy Izzy, Posted: 2008-09-21 15:20:06

Hi. I'm Izzy Natividad. 23 years old. No kids. Very responsible and can work under pressure. I'm patient and flexible. I have a good charming personality. I have a tourist visa and will expire on 2011. Took a 3 year course in Nursing. I already work in the states. A live-in caregiver. A very good driver, And will provide you the best quality care you deserve. Willing to work 24/7.
Izzy Izzy, Posted: 2008-09-21 15:21:42

Hi. I'm Izzy Natividad. 23 years old. No kids. Very responsible and can work under pressure. I'm patient and flexible. I have a good charming personality. I have a tourist visa and will expire on 2011. Took a 3 year course in Nursing. I already work in the states. A live-in caregiver. A very good driver, And will provide you the best quality care you deserve. Willing to work 24/7.

HOME NO:+632 4281824
RIZA RIZA, Posted: 2008-10-09 03:18:47

Hello... im riza c. eusebio im 22 year old, i willing to apply, as a professional caregiver, and iwant to served my responsibility as a caregiver, and im graduated of 2yrs practical nursing from: ama school of medicene. (2004-2006)
and other courses i take up n.a nursing aide/ nursing assistant (2007-2008)
if you interested to me pls... just email at:
tnx a lot......more blessing....
abe abe, Posted: 2008-10-11 22:48:22

hi im abeja tupaz 38 years old devorce 1 adopted im looking a position as a caregiver USA place i have a expirence to care a old PT i work in taiwan as a caregiver 10 year care a old PT and now here in canada becoming two years i still under live in caregiver atfer that i apply my open permit. but i plan to ,move in usa if i have a chance please thanks and God bless you all.
cheryl cheryl, Posted: 2008-10-12 00:20:43

hi my name is Cheryl,i'm from Philippines. I am a certfied care giver and I am very much interested to apply for the job. I'm 26 y.o, I have finished a behavioral course and care giving is my second course. I am really interested with the job, I have all the papers ready for me to work. Hoping to hear from you soon.
StevenZ StevenZ, Posted: 2008-10-18 01:17:01

I have 2 Assisted Living Homes in The Phoenix, Arizona area. I am looking for a live-in caregiver for my one home that has 3 residents. Applicant should have legal papers to work in the USA. Looking for experienced caregivers. I will provide training and certification.

Please contact me at


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