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Jenusse Jenusse, Posted: 2017-02-11 10:26:48
Hello dear students! This is Tutor Rian, your energetic, patient and cheerful online tutor friend. I have been teaching English online for more than 2 years and I want to continue this passion of mine as long as I can. I love teaching both kids and adults. My specialties are basic grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and conversation lessons. My teaching approach is interactive and communicative where students will be given a great opportunity to talk more until they feel confident in speaking. For me, learning English should not be stressful,confusing and difficult. So, if you want to have an English learning experience that is fun, memorable and as easy as ABC, book a class with me and see you online!

Contact me or add me on SKYPE at jendezperada
jimmy689 jimmy689, Posted: 2018-03-07 01:59:44

hi, Jenusse
i am Jimmy from China . looking for english-speaking teachers as my partner for on-line lessons for Chinese kids/teens .

if you interested , please kindly reply me . or we talk on Skype .

Skype: Jimmy Jin

Jimmy Jin

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