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Cathy521 Cathy521, Posted: 2010-08-22 23:41:04
“叶公好龙 (yègōng hào lóng)” is a chinese idiom meaning that someone loves a certain thing outwardly, but not sincerely.

key learning points (preview):
好 (hào) v. to love/to like

cóngqián yǒu gè rén jiào yègōng, tā hěn xǐhuan lóng.
once upon a time, there was a man named lord ye who claimed to love dragons very much.

tā de yīfu shàng xiù zhe lóng, jiǔbēi shàng kè zhe lóng, qiáng shàng huà zhe lóng.
pictures of dragons were embroidered on his clothes, carved on his cup and painted on his walls.

tiānshang de zhēn lóng zhìdào le yègōng zhème xǐhuan lóng, biàn xiàjiàng dào tā jiā.
an actual dragon in heaven knew that lord ye loved dragons very much, so it descended to his house.

lóng zài chuāngkǒu zhāngwàng, bǎ wěiba shēn jìn le dàtīng.
the dragon looked through the window and pushed its tail into the hall.

dànshì yègōng què bèi zhēn lóng xià de liǎnsè cāngbái, zhuǎnshēn jiù pǎo.
but lord ye’s face turned pale out of fear for the real dragon. he fled away.

kànlái, yègōng bìng bú shì zhēnde xǐhuan lóng ya!
apparently lord ye didn’t actually love dragons with sincerity. tā suǒ xǐhuan de zhǐshì nàxie xiàng lóng de dōngxi.
what he loved were just things that looked like dragons.

if you have any questions about chinese learning, just feel free to contact me:

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