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financialfreedomm financialfreedomm, Posted: 2018-02-01 23:14:53
Your job will be to contact businesses, cities ,municipalities and countries, and determine if they spend $7000 or more a month on their electric bill. Once that's been established you will simply get a few bits of information from them to perform what's called an fa (facility assessment) it will be explained in detail once you contact us .this has nothing at all to do with asking the prospective client to change electric companies. Some days you may get them on board with one call and some days you may need to call more than once to get them to agree to the fa. Keep in mind we are saving them money with no out of pocket costs to them.depending on their usage we could end up saving them hundreds of thousands to millions in energy its to their benefit to sign up and you must emphasize those benefits. You will be compensated $50 dollars for everyone you get to provide all the necessary information to perform the fa.we have found,based on our experience, women do very well in these positions because men are more reeptive to women.a quiet background is also crucial to youir success.
But it gets better... Once the fa has been agreed to and performed this is the easy part.once we show them what we can save them they are usually more than happy to take advantage of our service at no out of pocket cost to them.after they have agreed to the fa and it has been performed and the contract is signed you will be compensated as follows.

When the average net monthly savings for the company city or country is $10,000 you will be paid $500

When the average net monthly savings for the company city or country is $50,000 you will be paid $1500

When the average net monthly savings for the company,city or country is $100,000 you will be paid $5000

Getting clients to agree to 10-20 fas a month is very realistic and can result in significant income for you.just contact owners and explain the benefits of the service we offer with no out of pocket costs to the company.get a few bits of information which we will outline in the materials we send you, submit it to us via email our engineers will then contact the company to do an fa when the contract is signed you will be paid in about two weeks in accordance with the companies,cities or countries energy's that simple.this is an independent contract will be responsible for paying your own taxes.

If this position interest you please contact don by texting 1-(551) 236-3260.please leave your name,email and phone number.most of our communication will be done via text or email.once you contact us you will need to submit your resume via email or text.sales experience is not necessary but will have to fill out a w9 for tax purposes and an independent agent contract and non disclosure agreement.

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