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acttiv acttiv, Posted: 2013-07-15 10:20:51
The sun, the beach and a fabulous experience is waiting for you!

We are looking for young people from all over Europe to join our entertainment teams in Spanish hotels and campsite during the whole year! in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Andalucia and Levante!!

As an entertainer you are responsible with your team for the daytime activities and the evening entertainment. You have to make sure the guests enjoy their holidays and want to spend as much time as possible inside the hotel.

Daytime activities
During the day you will be responsible to organize and coach all the activities such as water polo, volleyball, darts, Olympic Day, Super Team Challenge etc.

Kids club
For the children there are special theme days such as Pirate day, Indian day, Olympic day etc.

Evening program
Every evening starts with mini disco for the children, followed by a game night or a cabaret show organized by the entertainment team.
We have shows such as Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Top of the Pops, Movies and Musicals and much more. Of course all performed live and of quality standards

This is one of the most important aspects of being a good entertainer. PR means nothing more than to talk to the guests, inform them about your program and become friends with them. All it needs is good communication skills. After every evening show, the entertainer is expected to PR, which means to talk with the customers, ask what they thought about the show etc. During daytime activities the entertainer should PR, which is promote the evening show and in some cases the theme nights of the hotel.


The entertainers work in an international environment, so they will have the opportunity to learn another languages and to improve their Spanish.
On top of that, we offer permanent seasonal contract (although exceptions exist for concrete positions) with full-time; in other words, 40 hours per week. This contract grants the entertainers the following rights:
- Lodging (room or shared apartment)
- Board (three daily meals minimum)
- Registration in Social Security
- Medical cover for work accidents
- Right to 30 days vacation per year


You are 18+, available to work for at least 3 months, and form part of the European Union
You are fluent in English and another European language
You have an active, outgoing, and creative character
You love working with people or even playing the clown for kids
You enjoy dancing and acting on stage?
You have worked as a tourist animator in hotels before or would like to participate in our training program

More info on our job website
alwin nelson lobo alwin nelson lobo, Posted: 2013-09-14 04:41:18

Dear Sir/Madam My name Alwin,I am an Indian and am planning to relocate to UK with a Work visa. I am looking for any kind of a job in UK like Gardener, Attendants, Waiters in bars/clubs etc. I am looking for a company who would provid
gladstone malcolm gladstone malcolm, Posted: 2013-09-25 00:40:30

Dear Sir/Madam, I am a BOTC from Turks. & Caicos and am planning to relocate to UK. I am looking for any kind of a job in UK like adminmistrative data entry ctlerk cusctomer service police officer government offical officer securicty officer entertainment in hotals/bars/clubs etc. I am looking for a company who would provid.

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