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Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-10-14 16:25:28
the lastest book I read was from K Wan
Smoky Smoky, Posted: 2009-10-14 16:38:01

K Wan is a pretty good writer but I like to read a wide selection of books that involve action, fantasty, mystery, and magic.
mark mark, Posted: 2009-10-15 12:17:02

k wan is one of my favorite authors I also like Henry Miller and street books about how gangs where made.
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-10-15 12:31:39

Henry Miller is a pretty good book to read. I really like the way he use the use and how he uses them too. Some of Anna Rice books are pretty cool too. You should check them out.
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-10-17 13:50:24

I've read some pieces of her stuff and it seems like a cool book book
Smoky Smoky, Posted: 2009-10-19 16:23:09

Yeah I really like her books man. Could you send me some of the places of where to find her other books.
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-10-20 12:31:00

Send some more of it right now man.
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-10-20 13:00:12

it aint goin to work
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-10-20 13:26:00

post it on real quick.
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-10-20 13:26:57

wassup with the flics....and kwan books are good
Sin Sin, Posted: 2009-10-20 13:29:34

Is that you over there bro bro
McLovin McLovin, Posted: 2009-10-20 13:32:01

Hey put it on the last one that we talked about man. Just put it on any of them to c if it work.
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-10-21 12:40:37

mclovin im with you
shag shag, Posted: 2009-10-21 12:41:32

yea i like kwan to ...and im also with mclovin
Sin Sin, Posted: 2009-10-21 13:32:36

Yeah I like Kwan too but i like too c all other kinds of things too.
Hoe about you Mark???
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-10-21 22:57:37

it aint workin for non of them they blocked it all
Smoky Smoky, Posted: 2009-10-22 12:11:48

What do you mean its not working????
Try to copy and paste it on or send it like an e-mail or something.
So how it been going on out there though man? Every thing cool with you family and your girl? Hit me bacc up with the 411 of how everything is going on out there.
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-10-22 13:04:15

yea it dnt work i tryed all of it i cant copy and paste or do the picture code but im doin good bro just bord out here cuz i dnt no wat to do =) but how do you spell you first name?
Smoky Smoky, Posted: 2009-10-22 14:44:34

The first is Xeng and I think you know the last. If you don write me try to do the other thing that we talked about. The art card project remember. If you can't do it its cool.
MrT MrT, Posted: 2009-10-22 14:45:10

why dosent street fighter2 work smokey
shag shag, Posted: 2009-10-22 16:38:05

smoky was were is street fighter 2?
Learn4Good Learn4Good, Posted: 2009-10-23 16:04:36

Hello MrT,

When Street Fighter is loaded - you have some text flashing on your screen - click on that text to start the game. The game can be accessed via page
MrT MrT, Posted: 2009-10-26 14:08:01

Smoky Smoky, Posted: 2009-10-26 17:12:21

Hey shag did you find the street fighter 2 yet? Its cool but I beat it after he beat me like 10 times before I could beat the whole game. And Mr.Learn4Good I was wondering if you could find a Mega Men game that we could be able to play or a Dragon Ball Z game. If you could please tell us where can we find it at thanks.
MrT MrT, Posted: 2009-10-26 17:12:37

how can i start a dragonfable account
shag shag, Posted: 2009-10-28 11:54:49

yea i found it
Smoky Smoky, Posted: 2009-10-28 12:02:05

Hey MrT if you want to start a dragonfable account you should go ask the dragonfable expert on the game chat room. I could never get into it on my side and it is always busy too so good lucc to you man.
shag shag, Posted: 2009-11-06 12:06:32

i just got section 8 and still hood
Smoky Smoky, Posted: 2009-11-06 12:28:12

When did you get section 8 and still hood?????
Let me get next on that one if you finish it bro.
shag shag, Posted: 2009-11-09 12:10:47

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