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umami123 umami123, Posted: 2012-12-30 06:49:10
Hi, i am a general practitioner in India. I am looking for house officer position in Singapore/ internship position in Ireland or Australia/ medical resident job in any US VISA sponsoring countries. I had completed all my USMLE Step exams and ECFMG Certified.
Riya Sunny Riya Sunny, Posted: 2013-02-06 23:56:03

Hello! Am from India, looking for a Nanny job, any family to sponsor me to work in U.S.A. Please email me Thank you!
eg535661 eg535661, Posted: 2013-02-19 00:28:32

Hi, my name is Ed and I am looking for someone to be a live in sitter for my Mom here in America. We live in the State of Lousisana. She is very easy to take care of. I work away from home. Gone sometimes 14 to 21 days and need someone to watch over her. Thanks you for your reply.
535661 535661, Posted: 2013-02-19 09:51:21

To topic 535661. Am Doreen from kenya and really interested to having your mentioned job. Contact me on +255763018840
eg535661 eg535661, Posted: 2013-02-20 22:36:28

Hi, my name is Ed and I am looking for someone to be a live in sitter for my Mom here in America. We live in the State of Lousisana. She is very easy to take care of. I work away from home. Gone sometimes 14 to 21 days and need someone to watch over her. Thanks you for your reply.
Any replies to caregiver job for eg535661 send to
chyx chyx, Posted: 2013-03-01 05:00:12

To whom it may concern;

I am Chyx, currently residing and working here in Dubai as an IT Servicedesk Agent, I would like to know if someon can help me to look a job for canada as im planning and searching an agency who can help me to seek an employer or sponsor in Canada.

I am also interested as well in any job vacancy in Canada. Please send me email to

Appreciate your time and reponse for my query.

Ntombentsha Ntombentsha, Posted: 2013-03-02 07:13:37


My name is Ntombentsha. I am an experienced registered nurse and midwife from South Africa. I would like to relocate to Canada and work there. I need somebody tosponsor me.

Thank you.
alekskeila alekskeila, Posted: 2013-03-23 07:14:01

hi my name is aleks and i live in italy.i am albanian.i am looking for a sponsor who needs a constraction worker in uk or canada.if there is someone who needs a very good constraction worker as ,painting,drywalling please contact me at my email address, have a great day.
scotte jerry scotte jerry, Posted: 2013-06-05 14:19:25

We are an America family, but we just reside in UK. Recently, So we need reliable workers who can work with the family


We are an America family, we just moved to England, UK 2 months ago.have two kids aged 5yrs and 3yrs old respectively!we are looking for a AU PAIR/NANNY//CHEF/HOUSE KEEPER/ DRIVER, FROM find call center jobs_Any Country willing to stay with us for a minimum of 2-5years We are a professional couple, my wife is a nurse in an hospital here in UK, while i work as sales executive for a a multinational oil company.My kids are easy going and relaxed, they would enjoy someone with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Having English as a first language is not required. We live in a great area with lots of nice parks, shops and restaurants – and there are loads of family with young children nearby with pairs /nannies so it will be easy to meet people.


We want our Au pair,driver and home sitter to stay between 2 YEARS and 5 YEARS Prefer Au pair, driver and home sitter of gender: Female and Male Number of children: 2 Age(s) of children: 2 and 5 years We require care for children under age 1: No Single parent family: Yes Housework required of Au pair, driver and housekeeper: Light Au pair, driver and housekeeper couples accepted: Yes Type of area we live in: Great Town Language(s) we speak: English Our religion: Christian We have pets: Yes but friendly to strangers The Au pair will be required to drive: If he or she have the interest Elderly care is required: No We have children with special needs: No We smoke: No

(if you are interested in the job send your c v )
Email address
Julieta_sales Julieta_sales, Posted: 2013-06-14 07:49:23

Hi! My name is Julieta Morera and currently working in Hongkong as Domestic Helper, my work includes, housekeeping, marketing, cooking, and taking care of children, I have previous employment in Singapore been worked there for 4 years with 3 employers, my first employers is british and Singaporean family with 2 kids and another is both Singaporean after I finished 2 contract in Singapore I apply to Hongkong with the same job description and now I am looking to anyone who can sponsor to me to work in USA seems nice place..I want to change my workplace and experience to work American family...Thanks! God Bless! my email..
aiko padasay aiko padasay, Posted: 2013-06-14 14:11:14


I am Aiko Padasay, 28 of age and single, from Manila Philippines. I am 4th year in Bachelor of Secondary Education. I applying for the position of housekeeping or nanny.

As my experiences, I worked as a private tutor for my part time job here in my c0untry. And I am an Ex- abroad from Saudi arabia as a nanny, and having a part time job as a tutor to my employer also within 2years and 7months.

If I hired of this position I am willing to go, of course with a free placement fee. If you want to contact me just send me a message from my email: or in my contact number +639993159252.

Hoping your consideration.
Thank you and more power!

Aiko Padasay
CEHZZ ZABALA 014 CEHZZ ZABALA 014, Posted: 2013-06-16 15:56:42 name is cehzz,a filipino working in kuwait right
Now.i am looking for someone who can sponsor me to work in contact number is who is interested can hire me as a housekeeper.i preffer to work fulltime and live in.hoping to hear from you regards and thanks.
Dwayne Brown Dwayne Brown, Posted: 2013-06-28 15:00:48

Hello I am Dwayne Brown a 38 year old Jamaican Male seeking a sponsor to the US or Canada I am experience in lots of areas of general labour eg. store clerk,driving & operating machines,manual labour,caregiver willing to be trained for any opportunities I am honest,hard-working,reliable a father of 3 kids good command of the English language able to take up any offer right away (ASAP)with individual or family that is willing to employ me
Awaiting your response Thanks
Best reguards

Contact # 876-4250585
roseren1967 roseren1967, Posted: 2013-06-29 23:11:24

Dear prospective employer,

I am Rose, an experience Filipina caregiver, and an English teacher for 23 years now.Currently, I am teaching here in the Pacific close to Hawaii for eight years. I am a B1/B2 US visa holder and could legally travel to the US however, this type of visa is not the one needed and does not allow one to work in the US. I am therefore looking for a nanny/caregiver/tutor job opportunity or an employer who is willing to provide me sponsorship to legally work with them. I can be a nanny/caregiver/tutor to your kids. I am hardworking, compassionate, trustworthy, can perform multiple tasks even without supervision, very organized,I cook and can drive too. Any documents needed in case I merit to your qualifications are ready for submission upon request. Verifiable references can be reached anytime too. I am ready to relocate any time or a month after notice has been served or until all legal travel papers are ready. In case you are interested to offer me employment,you can send me email thru:
hunter hunter, Posted: 2013-07-04 23:34:17

hello my name harshed prabhudas and i m 25yr looking for sponsor i have learn only seventh but i can work anything ,first i start work in the hotel about 2yrs and then i start learning work of construction after two years ,i start my own work .so whatever work is their i m ready to do nothing is posible everthing is posible .thank u
george f laing george f laing, Posted: 2013-07-20 11:55:55

my name is george from ghana am very learned i studied science in high school. i need some one to take me to the usa or canada for job. i promise to obey to any condition contact me on +233245942855 and
jigisha jigisha, Posted: 2013-07-27 07:44:25

My name is jigisha.i am looking for a sponcer in USA .i am 28 years old.
I want to job for housekeeper..or nanny...i am good for children..pls think about email add
And contect me on 7383083866
I m indian....hindu brahmin
liezel liezel, Posted: 2013-08-01 15:55:08

hi i'm liezel, 35 yrs old, Filipino, married with two kids and currently working in Kuwait as nanny housekeeper. My contract here will end July 1, 2014. I'm hoping i could find a sponsor for me to be able to work in Canada as nanny housekeeper as soon as my contract ends.
thank you
my emailadd:
lakhu (26) india lakhu (26) india, Posted: 2013-08-06 02:22:18

I am lakhu,26 year old, from india (punjab), looking for a family or a person who can sponsor me to usa or canada , i dont smoke or drink or gamble, has a pleasing personality and god-fearing. You can contact me at, i can do everything, because i am poor boy, i need work in usa, please help me

Achli gate.
Khanda. Khola mohlla
Smad gali batala (gurdaspur)
Contact: 094657-25001, 080542-96600

About myself:
1. Smart working and persevering
2. Work effectively in a team
3. Hard work and emormous memory
Academic profile
1.pursuing b.c.a from lovely professional university
2. I have done +2 in arts stream from govt. (boys) batala
3. I have done tenth from govt. (boys) batala

Additional qualification:
I have done english speaking course and i speak well and fluntly
Anne Anne, Posted: 2013-08-07 05:09:39

I am Anne, 45 years old. I am looking for employer who can sponsor me as nanny/housekeeper in USA. I am a from Philippines but currently working in Singapore as housekeeper/petsitter. I have 12 years experience as housekeeper/nanny. My duties including laundry, ironing clothes, shopping for households, cooking, cleaning/tidying up the house, babysitting kids. I can speak english well. I have possitive attitude, smiling, cheerful and reliable. I hope employer can hire me as soon as possible. My email address is

Thank you very much and more power!

Mordzifa Evans Mordzifa Evans, Posted: 2013-08-09 13:36:25

Am a young man who completed senior high two years ago and work at one of the five star hotel in ghana as housekeeper through that i was given a testimonial as good housekeeper and also i have a valid passport, if someone can sponsor me with visa and ticket for similar ready to help person in the house. This my email
george ferguson george ferguson, Posted: 2013-08-10 09:47:10

hello my name is george ferguson laing
i have dreams of working and living in de usa or europe
am willing to do any job been it
baby sitting, nanny or any other job i ll do it
i am from ghana very calm nd god fearing
this is my contact
Ola Johnson Ola Johnson, Posted: 2013-08-10 18:02:41

please i need someone to sponsor me,i'm a 32 years old Nigerian guy looking for an house keeping job maybe indoor or for company or hotel in USA.
I have about four years experience in the field.
Yours faithfully

You can contact me on
somna somna, Posted: 2013-08-10 18:18:03

I am from Nepal.I am looking for sponsor to work as nanny in Canada.I had 8 years expirience as nanny.I had worked as nanny Isreal .I speak english,spanish and hindi fluently.I know to cook spanish and indian food .
smrutibalapatel smrutibalapatel, Posted: 2013-08-11 11:21:54

i am 42 years regesterd nurse in india .wants to move can i do ?
smrutibalapatel smrutibalapatel, Posted: 2013-08-11 11:23:16

i agreed
smrutibalapatel smrutibalapatel, Posted: 2013-08-11 11:24:33

hii am looking for a sponsor and intrested to live as a live in caregiver
Ruma Halder Ruma Halder, Posted: 2013-08-17 05:04:45

Hi there,

I'm Ruma, Indian, currently working as a Heath Care Social Worker in a Social Health Care Organisation in Kolkata last 18 years.I have patient health care service and elderly care experience.

I would like to extend my knowledge to work and live in Canada and the America.

I look forward to hear from you at for any opportunities available in the following industry :

a) Administration
b) Supervition
c) Clinical Social worker
d) Clinical Health Educator
e) Service
f) Elderly carer

I look forward to hear from you soon.

Have a blessed weekend.

Ruma Halder
TyTy TyTy, Posted: 2013-08-19 00:47:42

I am Muth Sothy 27 years old,I completed Master degree field of Public Administration in Phnom Penh,Cambodia. I'm single now looking for a family or a person who can sponsor me to USA/ Canada or Australia and work as a Labor/Factory/Farm Keeping..... I am currently working as a Logistic Admin/Shipping in Thayry Trade(TR Petroleum) and I'm as an Army here in the Phnom Penh City,Cambodia too for 2 years and 2 months of TR Petroleum. now and will leave my work here in the Phnom Penh if i will be hired as a Labor/Factory/Farm keeper.
I am a very hard working man, can work under time pressure, loves job very much,and good relationship. can communicate good in English, dont smoke', some drink beer only, has a pleasing personality and God-fearing.

You can contact me at my cell number +855 97 56789 37
or my email:,

Mathias Mathias, Posted: 2013-08-23 07:30:47

Hellow am mathias from kenya 21yrs old,am looking for a family or one person to sponsor me to the usa or canada for a caretaker or a nanny.i finished my high school but could not go further with my studies due to financial problems.i have worked as a care taker for 2yrs.i love animals and children i also love nature.god bless whoever is reading and hope to find one.any consideration will be highly appriciated.bye have a good can contact me at or or call at +2540715487634.nice time god bless u.
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