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JKMusicEnts JKMusicEnts, Posted: 2011-05-13 10:09:07
All musician acts required for 5 star hotels in Asia and Middle East.
We always have continuous openings for: Solo pianists/vocalists, Duos, Trios, 4 - 8 piece Bands, DJ’s, belly dancers etc… Work is 6 days per week, usually 4 sets @ 45 minutes each. 3-12 months contracts. We do not have any jobs shorter than 3 months.

Style can be jazz, pop, rock, R&B, party, blues, classical etc.

Hotel provides: accommodation, meals, visas, roundtrip flights, laundry etc.. Monthly salaries.
If interested, please send your current:
1. video links (preferably YouTube etc…)
2. photos, recommendations/references, song lists and short bio/CV etc…
3. Phone number and email address
4. Availability and salary requirements

Send your application to:
banepop1 banepop1, Posted: 2012-08-20 09:21:16

We are the covering lounge band.
The Stella Cruise Band is a trio formed at the begining of 2012. Each band member has long experience in playing / singing. Band performs different genres of music such as pop, rock, reggae,latino, oldies (1950's,1960's, 1970's), disco, ballads, classics as Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Engelbert Humperdinck, Frank Sinatra.
Leila Hrelja (March 9, 1986.), Branislav Popovic (May 31, 1965.), and Mirko Hrubik (January 29, 1961.)

Leila Hrelja is a 26 year old vocalist from Bosnia And Herzegovina.

Following the release of her first solo album of evergreen songs „Najljepse melodije“ in 2009, she met Mr. Sinan Alimanovic, a jazz pianist and also eminent musicians from Croatia and Slovenia, whom she has performed with on many occassions.

At the begining of 2012 she met Mirko and Bane from Serbia and they formed The Stella Cruise Band with one aim in mind, to perform on hotel and cruise liners.

Leila graduated from University with a degree in economics and her parents are also academically minded. She was born in Foca (Bosnia And Herzegovina) but has lived her whole life in Gorazde (Bosnia And Herzegovina) and has had a very successful musical career. It began when she was seven years old at childrens music festivals and continued with international music festivals around the country – Bihac, Mostar, Zenica, Maglaj, Sarajevo, etc.

She has performed as an independent artist and entertained guests in hotels on the Adriatic sea providing income for herself to cover the costs of her studies. During her career she has recorded performances abroad in Germany, Turkey and Croatia.

Leila is a team player, highly motivated and able to communicate at all levels.

Branislav Popovic has had his first active contact with music at the age of 12 playing clarinet. At the age of 14 he start to play keyboards and bass guitar. While at high-school Branislav began playing in his first rock band. In his musical career he has performed with many eminents musicians from former Yugoslavia.

Mirko Hrubik has started playing a guitar at the age of 13. He is a self-taughted person. He has been spending most of his career performing with rock bands.

The Stella Cruise Band is available now for contracts (6-9-12 month) anywhere in the world.

Facebook page:
Our video:
Our video:
Phone:+381616132682 Serbia

Thank you,
Waiting for your answer,as soon as possible
bradford fernandez bradford fernandez, Posted: 2015-06-01 12:59:10

Hi I am a solo artiste with keyboard and vocals I also have a crooner if needed we have been performing all over India we play English music only, a lot of Elvis, Englebert etc a lot of old music as well as new. depending upon the guest music preference we play along. Time has made us understand the taste of the audience. We are ready to play if the deal is lucrative. We can be contacted at you can see a video of mine at chords vocals blues in Facebook at a group called cvb

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