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Anon. Anon., Posted: 2007-02-14 19:28:24
Ofek HomeCare - Nanny and caregiver Employment agency in Canada- overseas Placement From Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel and Europe. Referring live in and live out nannies, caregivers for children, seniors and special needs patients in Canada.

Telephone: (647)-439-8308
Irene Irene, Posted: 2007-11-17 06:22:28

Hello, Am a mature Kenyan lady looking for a nanny job in any town in Canada
JEAN SALVADOR JEAN SALVADOR, Posted: 2007-11-20 01:03:05

HI.I'm Jean Lauriene L. Salvador.
I'm a fresh Graduate of BS Nursing.
Now very much interested to be come a caregiver in canada.
If u can give me some opportunity I will defiantly grab it.
And I'm willing to migrate to CANADA for good.
Here is my e-mail address I hope you could email me if there is any vacant job available in CANADA for a caregiver
email address:

Thank you so much for spending your time in reading my message

diya diya, Posted: 2007-11-23 05:32:43

i am Saadiya Estrella,a certified caregiver.i am very much wiiling to apply as caregiver/nanny in any country.i am responsible,can work independently and hard-working.i can do also household chores.hope you will give me an opportunity that i can truly treasure.thank you very much!
here is my email address:
mhaldita mhaldita, Posted: 2007-12-10 22:29:08

hi im mean graduate of caregiver im intersted to work in hardworking person,flexible and can work under preassure of time.. this is my email
Jan Dickenson Jan Dickenson, Posted: 2007-12-28 07:11:46

hi, I'm Jan Dickenson Lim 25 years old single and willing to work as a care giver in any part of Canada. I have personal experienced in handling an elderly with my mom which is 65 years old as for now, I know how to drive a car and have a passion in cooking.
I'm looking forward to have a job as a caregiver in Canada as soon as possible. thanks for viewing my info. take care and God bless !
kristine kristine, Posted: 2008-01-02 02:28:01

hi this is kristine looking a job in canada,,,im 24 years old a mother of one cute girl
if you choose me please send me a e-mail to
Janina Janina, Posted: 2008-01-11 00:53:07

Hello, I'm Janina, 27 years old and from Germany. I'm searching for a position as a Live-in Nanny in the State of Alberta / Canada. Prefer positions around Edmonton or Calgary since I have friends there.
I have many years of Child Care experiences, did an Au Pair Year in the US and have attended a voc. school with major in medical care/nursing and home economics in Germany.
I'm a reliable, honest, sincere, outgoing and down to earth person. The work with children accompanies my life since the age of 12, and I can say that Child Care is the most wonderful job I have ever done among many other great jobs. I would come to Canada under the Live-in Caregiver program. If you're interested and want to get in touch with me, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll provide you with as many information and references as you might need.
My email is
Thank you very much for taking your time, I really appreciate that.

I'm looking forward hearing from you.

Janina Z.
IMMA CONCEPCION IMMA CONCEPCION, Posted: 2008-01-22 01:26:25

I'am very much interested to apply on the said job. I'am Imma Concepcion M. Tanay 30 yrs. old, single, a graduate of Bachelor of science In Nursing and a Registered Midwife. For more particulars about myself I will send my resume in your email address. Thank You and God Bless You and your family..
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2008-01-25 13:12:02

GOOD DAY!im JOY,29 years old, very much interested to work as caregiver in any part of Canada.i have a 2 years experience as a caregiver in Taiwan.I took care two kids aged 1 and 2 years old when i was there...if you want to know more about myself,feel free to email me at you so much!GOD BLESS!
sheryl sheryl, Posted: 2008-01-30 09:44:12

I'am very much interested to apply on the Private Caregiver / Physiotherapist job. I'am SHERYL LYNN CHRISTABEL C. SUNPONGCO and am 30 yrs. old, single, a graduate of Bachelor of science In Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. For more particulars about myself I will send my resume in your email address after get your reply. my contact details Telephone No: +63(087)811-3473
Mobile No: +639204054635. email address is : Thank You and God Bless You and your family..
sheryl sheryl, Posted: 2008-01-30 09:56:27

I am Sheryl Lynn Christabel C.Sunpongco,a Filipino 30 years of age, single, a graduate of Bachelor of science In Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. I am very much interested to apply on the Private Caregiver / Physiotherapist job. For more particulars about myself I will send my resume in your email address after get your reply. my contact details Telephone No: +63(087)811-3473
Mobile No: +639204054635. email address is : or and Thank You.
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2008-02-09 21:17:10

Dear Sir/Madam:

I have been searching for a website to help me get a job in Canada, and i found interested in your website.

I am Gerlie A. Orbita from Philippines, 21 years of age, I am a graduate of Nursing Technology, I was a nanny with 2 kids before since studying High School untill i graduated that course to support my studies.I graduated last 2005 and got experienced working in Hospital for 2 months and a volunteer health worker in our Barangay Health Center for 3 months, but because of small wage i decided to find another job that also help other people, i grab the opportunity and took the job offer as a Computer In-charge here in our place just to provide the needs for my family, even not enough wage but it help a little, so until now, i work here in Internet cafe, but i know my heart doesn't belong here in this job, my heart belongs to care people, so i hope i would have a chance to serve and care from your country as a nanny /caregiver. i would be very willing to serve you as a return.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Godbless you and more power for your services.

Sincerely yours,

Gerlie Orbita

P/S: here is my contact details.
Contact Number: +639202102897
Email Address:
Conchita Conchita, Posted: 2008-02-09 22:12:34

hi!Im Conchita Torio from Philippines and Im willing to work and live in canada im a Graduate in Midwifery and Im 25 years old pls hire me if there is vacant as a nanny in your company...thanks a lot! pls email me at

God Bless!
rafael castro rafael castro, Posted: 2008-02-11 07:04:29

hi im rafael castro 23 yeras old a liuscesed physical therapist in the philippines. Im interested in applying as a caregiver in canada. i had a short caregiver course during my PT training, i have a certificate as proof. Im very strong physically meaning i can help elderly and those people who are physically challenged. Im also very compassionate especially to the elderly because i grew up wiht my grandmother. here are my details tnx pls consider my application 09153229624
erick rivera erick rivera, Posted: 2008-02-26 04:41:20

Hi, im erick rivera 27yrs. old from the philippines. i took 6 mos. caregiver course, if giving a chance my dedication to work is to serve you well.. my email add.. andmy contact no. +639053861368...

thank you and God bless...
tine tine, Posted: 2008-02-26 21:38:02

Hi,I'm Tine Pili
I'm 22 yrs.old female from Philippines.I'm a nursing graduate & willing much to work in Canada as a baby sitter, nanny or caregiver.Please do e-mail me if there is a job vacancy in Canada...
e-mail add:

Thank you very much...
ANTHONY TEMBLOR ANTHONY TEMBLOR, Posted: 2008-03-14 03:21:09

Good day!
I'm Anthony Temblor, 30 years old from the Philippines. I'm very much interested to work as caregiver in any part of Canada. I'm a hardworking person,flexible and can work under preassure of time. this is my email

Thank you and Gob bless....

Anthony temblor

here is mu contact details:
Mobile #: 09177040481
email add:
monzlefe monzlefe, Posted: 2008-03-17 00:35:43

HI, I am Rizalyn from Philippines 21 years of age willing to work in Canada as caregiver or any other jobs that suit m qualifiation. I have experience how to look after children. I am 3rd year nursing students but cant pursue my studies due to financial problem. I am the eldest child in the family. I thank you if you can find me a job.
Your's Sincerely,
monzlefe monzlefe, Posted: 2008-03-17 00:38:42

Iam looking for a job as caregiver, my email is or my family email is
MICHAEL MICHAEL, Posted: 2008-03-19 07:29:07

hello, i am michael callada a fresh graduate of AB Philosophy, i am willing to be a caregiver at your institution... i am a seminarian of redemptorist, i want to devote my abilities and skills in terms of caring others.
i do have my experience in different institutions here in philippines, starting i started to be a seminarian, one of our task is to care others and sometimes we need to educate them and tell a stories that hopeful for them....
this is my email ad,
hoping for your respond..

thank you and godbless us all...

this is my contact number, 09094405813
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2008-03-21 16:48:43

I'am humphrey from zambia,28years of age am looking for a job as a caregiver
in canada and anyother job that suits my mean qualification and i'am willing to
work anywhere in canada.I have experience in caregiving in both handling childrens
and adults. I have been handling my grandpa who was 78years old. i have compassion for doing this kind of job.i know how to drive a car.
Please,if you find a job concerning my status contact me on my email adress willing to start the job as soon as it is found.
Godbless you.
maria katrina maria katrina, Posted: 2008-03-21 21:35:32

i am 23 years old. a senior college student here in the philippines islands.
i am about to graduate this october 2008.
i majored in literature for almost two years before taking up bachelor of science in nursing. i have a history of musical theatre. i speak 3 languages fluently. chinese (fukien and a little mandarin), filipino and english. i have travelled to different countries.

email me:
gwendoliza de ver gwendoliza de ver, Posted: 2008-03-23 12:11:31

i am 45 years old and reach 3rd year college taking up course as a social worker.
i am presently working here in dubai u.a.e. as a live in nanny/housekeeper for a BRITISH family for 5 years now.i want to work in canada as a caregiver, i also have experience working for a blind people,presently i am taking care of 3 children ages 7, 5, and 4. i am willing to work in canada,i am a very hardworking person and loves children as well as a very good housekeeper.

email address :
mobile no. : 00971 50 764 8467
landline no. : 00971 4 3663452
myrnatumaliwan myrnatumaliwan, Posted: 2008-03-27 01:59:04

Hi , I am Myrna A. Tumaliwan from Manila Philippines. I am 40 years old. I am looking for a job as nanny in Canada and in any places in Europe. I have no formal education as a caregiver but professional by heart in taking care kids because i also have two kids taking care of them. I am a working mom. I am an accountant by profession and a nanny to my kids when they still young but both them are grown already. I need to work outside the PHils because i need to earn more to support of my childrens financial needs to their studies. I do all types of households chore, i cook, do marketing , everything i do because i have no maid. You can contact me to my email , cell nos. 0929-3139376 , 8120673 offc nos. and home nos. 7460988. Thanks you so much posting this and the opportunity to those who will try to give me a chance to work with you.., Posted: 2008-04-11 02:33:30

Hi sir/maddam; i'm richard keith querubin my religion is iglesia ni cristo.a 3rd year student of baguio central university from philippines & i finished a vocational course caregiver.i would like to apply job to your company if you are interested.i try my best to be loyal & honest & hard working.tnx & god bless contact # 09205926406/09174150160
4ulike 4ulike, Posted: 2008-04-12 06:19:33

he, i was asking my self, there are some nanny boys ? if i get the oppor i well try it that job, i gonna like it mabe
Hannah Hannah, Posted: 2008-04-13 06:39:17

Dear, Sir/Madam

I am Hannah Pena, 25 yrs old and currently taking up 6 months professional caregiving course at St. Augustine School of Nursing Quezon, City . I’m on my 3rd month now of study and currently performing some medical missions in different part of the city. I am on 3rd month now of my study and by next month I will attend Red Cross & basic life support program. Will finish the course by the end of July this year.
I am a graduate of technical course ( Bachelor of Science in Architecture ) . Although for the past years I have made my living in a technical job, I am more willing to explore and venture this healthcare profession. I may not have all the hard news experience you are looking for but I believe I can do the job very well.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.
myca myca, Posted: 2008-04-16 23:47:15

Dear, Sir/Madam

I am Myca M. Inocencio 19yrs old and a fresh graduate of caregiver course in NEW ERA UNIVERSITY in Quezon City Im already have a OJT in different institution, and im already take my first aid in RED CROSS Quezon City.
I am a high school gradute and after my graduation i already take caregiver course because this course is very in demand in any country so i didnt hasitate to grab the opportunity to study.
I been study in NEU, almost 1 year and already take my TESDA EXAM, and thank GOD because I already passed that exam.
Im very flexible in any work or job, but i believe I can do the job very well.
I hope to hear your comment from you as soon as possible.
Thank you
normila normila, Posted: 2008-04-23 00:50:24

Good day! im normila frias 20 years old,female,Filipino,and im a fresh graduate of BS Nursing. I am very much interested to apply as a private caregiver in canada.
Please do e-mail me or contact me if there is a job vacancy in Canada..e-mail add:;

Thank you very much and God bless!
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