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Mr_Sweet Mr_Sweet, Posted: 2014-10-28 19:10:15
It's time to leave the 9 to 5 jobs. Work the hours
you want and be able to spend more time with family.
The company I am with started in the fall of 2011,
It has already broke records in direct sales.
The pay is weekly and monthly. The company gives you
a chance to get a free ipad, Lexus car bonus and
live better bonuses.
If you are interested contact me Randy at 570-238-8887
or by e-mail Hope to hear from you

Es hora de dejar a los de 9 a 5 puestos de trabajo. Trabajar las horas
que quieres y ser capaz de pasar más tiempo con la familia.
La empresa para la que estoy con comenzado en el otoño de 2011,
Ya se rompió récords en ventas directas.
La paga es semanal y mensual. La empresa le da
la oportunidad de conseguir un ipad gratis, bono de coche Lexus y
vivir mejores bonificaciones.
Si usted está interesado en contacto conmigo al 570-238-8887 Randy
o por e-mail Espero oír de usted
An0nym0us An0nym0us, Posted: 2018-02-20 14:48:32

This is a scam, block them and report them any time they contact you.
Mr_Sweet Mr_Sweet, Posted: 2018-02-20 14:52:39

Apparently An0nym0us you never worked a home business? Or are you one of those that are a FAILURE? Don't talk about it just cause you can't do it.
An0nym0us An0nym0us, Posted: 2018-02-20 15:15:40

I don't have to work an at home scam business I have a real job. I have also worked in sales, real sales, for real companies, so do mot assume to think you know anything about me. I also have never used a number that has multiple complaints online of harrassment and threats, a simple Google search will reveal that. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but an at home job stealing number and Harrassing people, especially senior citizens, is truly a failure. Also, your ettiquete clearly shows your age and lack of intelligence, as well as throwing in a nasty a comment, a true professional would never do that. It just doesn't look good for your "company". My statements are based on facts, yours are based on ego and lack of any concern or empathy for other human beings who do not deserve to be harassed and have their numbers stolen and used for at home sales tactics. Maybe you should try getting a sales job at an actual company, and learn how to truly sell. By the way, on top of the real job I have, I also sell multiple items, mostly handmade jewelry that happens to sell very well and run my own website, so where as I am successful at both an actual job and an at home job, you're just trying to find the easiest way to make money so you don't have to work hard.
Mr_Sweet Mr_Sweet, Posted: 2018-02-20 15:21:16

Hurt my feelings? Not at all, you don't know me so don't try and state facts that aren't true. I'm very happy for you having success, that's great! I don't just call people. I purchase leads from different companies and if the person tells me they constantly get calls and text and want it to stop I give them the number to have their info removed. I can take it off my list but others still have it. So you have a great day and I wish you the best.

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