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JiaJia JiaJia, Posted: 2018-01-21 00:01:29
i-Touch Tech Consulting (NingXia) Co., Ltd

To whom it may concern:

i-Touch Tech Consulting (NingXia) Co., Ltd is a professional education agency for teacher recruitment and dispatch. We have a lot of experiences to sign contract with high-quality foreign teachers directly and send them to different schools, arrange all the following dispatch stuffs for them, hold the living and teaching management parts. Most of our clients are big kindergartens、English training school and noble early education institutions, some are high schools、art schools、 gym centre and universities, located different cities across China .For providing the long-term stable teaching service, we are looking for experienced English speaker teachers who like to live and teach skills in China at least one year. So join us if you are interested in.

HR department

1. Job description:
As a teacher you will be responsible for providing a highly engaging and effective learning experience to learners from different ages, ensuring measurable academic results in an inspiring and lively learning environment, delivering an outstanding service experience to learners, and collaborating closely with their local teachers and progress advisers.

2. Requirements
1. Bachelor or higher Degree in any fields, 24—35 years old,
2. At least 2-years working experience in such fields: marketing economics, business, liberal arts, literature, linguistics, pedagogy, and communication etc.
3. Valid references non-criminal background and health physical exam record certificate.
4. Enjoy being with kids and passionate about education industry, good at dancing and singing. (for mostly positions)
5. A sense of humor is a plus point, able to speak little Chinese is a plus point.
6. A National Teacher Certificate or TEFL/TESOL certificate or teaching related experience is preferred. (for mostly positions)
7. A willingness to accept Company Policy, be serious about the work.
8. A willingness to learn new ways of doing and thinking on education and teaching process.
9. A good understanding of Chinese education system, knowledge of the western education system and/or teaching methodology would be a plus.
10. Should look professional and friendly, neat and clean.
* Foreigners who can fix the visa by themselves also can be consider~

3. We offer:
1. Competitive salary, after tax 5000--20000RMB/month.(about $740--$2945/month)
*IF renew contract with us, from the second year, your salary will raise from 500-1000RMB/month per year, depends on the performances.
* IF renew contract with us, from the second year, you can freely choose stay with the same school or change to our other schools in different cities, depends on the situation.
2. Free and nice accommodation. (single apartment, some cities even include all utilities )
3. Our company provide working visa and living guidance to make sure you stay in China legally and comfortable.
4. Accident insurance is provided.
5. Flight ticket subsidy is provided once per year.
6. Working hours is less than 40 hours per week (usually 25h-35h.)
7. A relaxing and comfortable working environment with good colleagues.
8. Salary is stably paid when we don’t arrange you enough classes in holidays.
9.10 days off with salary is provided. (usually 5 days in summer, 5days in winter)
10. Festival and birthday red packet as presents are provided.

4. Contact us :
If you are interested and possess the above qualities, you are the exact person we are looking for!
Please sent your CV and video to
HR Wechat ID:13752025580
HR WhatsApp: 13752025580
HR Skype:

Also welcome to add our company official wechat account to learn more:

(scan the QR code to add ,or search the ID: itouch-tech )
5.Show you some of our young colleagues’ photos here :

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