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ohara ohara, Posted: 2017-07-23 22:08:52
Recently, I've planned to go to Europe for my vocation, Actually it's my first time to go overseas so the kind-hearted friends gave me various tips especially on the adapters.
Now, here are some basics to share with you:
1) You probably won't need a converter, just an adapter. Most electronics--phones, laptops, tablets--will run fine without a power converter.
2) As always, there are exceptions. Hair dryers seem a special concern. Be careful, I've read of people frying their hair dryers even using a power converter. If you need a dryer or a curling iron or some other similar power intensive personal care product, you're probably better off buying a cheap adapter over in Europe.
3) As you've already figured out, you'll need several different types of plugs so an adapter with multiple plugs is necessary for a trip covering Finland, Spain, and the UK. Or, you could consider buying a plug for each country (Finland and Spain should use the same two-prong plug with the UK needing a three-prong adapter). I've found adapters in many hardware and drug stores, both in the US and in Europe.
4) Be somewhat careful about sizes. There are some adapters that are prone to falling out of wall plugs simply because of their weight. Also be aware that in many accommodations in other parts of the world, power outlets tend to be fewer than you see in the US and, unfortunately, frequently placed behind beds or in other inconvenient locations.
5) If you're only going to use power to charge electronics, considering USB charger with multiple ports that will allow you to plug in several phones, tablets, or other USB devices at a time. There are both direct wall outlet devices that will still need an adapter( or blocks with a cord that will allow you to put your charging devices on a bedside table or desk rather than under the bed or behind a desk. I prefer the corded types but obviously, they take up a little more packing space.

Any tips you want to add to is highly appreciated.
Thank you!

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