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Alton Alton, Posted: 2008-11-03 08:12:36
1) Carry of copy of your passport with you while in country.

2) Travel in large groups rather than alone.

3) Choose a safe and secure hotel rather than a cheap one.

4) Remember to leave contact information (i.e., email address or phone number) with family and friends so they can get in touch with you abroad.

5) Refrain from carrying large bags while touring.
6) Contact the police immediately and report it if you are victimized.

7) Be aware of your surroundings and avoid social distractions (e.g., cell phones and mp3 players)

8) Surrender your valuables if confronted by thieves. They can be replaced.

9) Be extra careful when using public transportation abroad. If possible avoid using crowded busses.

10) Get sound security advice by contacting your embassy or consulate and speaking with someone in the security office.

Marry Marry, Posted: 2008-12-29 03:56:07

Thanks for the advices. Sometimes I forget these points and be to leisure, but that can happens everywhere.

Thanks for warning!
tito tito, Posted: 2009-03-16 04:43:55

Many thanks for the info,

Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-06-12 02:37:17

Great advice Alton. Check out the website for a way of monitoring your safety while travelling, and helping yourself be found if things turn pear-shaped.

angel angel, Posted: 2009-10-28 06:31:04

Great tips. I find that metros and subway systems are a great place for people to take advantage of the crowds and steal something out of your bad, so I always keep my bag extra close to me in situations like this.
Greg Tyler Greg Tyler, Posted: 2009-11-19 10:58:17

usefull tips.. If you will follow all these suggestions it will be safer for you to travel.
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2010-06-08 09:23:46

There are a number of good travel tips featured on the Latin Lounge including finding cheap flights, advice for solo female travellers, etc
ManyaSingh ManyaSingh, Posted: 2013-02-15 05:10:31

You might get many travel guide around the web but here are few and of course selected which you must consider while on a trip:

Don’t keep your wallet/purse in your jeans’ back pocket
Scan all your major documents
Get travel insurance
Avoid Public Displays of Affluences
Check the fine print and certificates of instructors before you take any adventure tour
Don’t leave your belongings unattended in public spaces
Don’t give to beggars
Be wary of using your credit card at an internet cafe
isaacoomber isaacoomber, Posted: 2013-03-07 23:12:02

During traveling carry a copy of passport with you and travel in a group rather than alone.
mamborico mamborico, Posted: 2013-08-03 12:10:27

Also when it comes to bringing cash, make sure that it's not located only in your wallet. Put some loose change in your pocket, have a money belt - very important and do not bring large amounts of money. Only bring what you think you will spend for the day.

Having an itinerary is also important. Have a map of the place handy so that if you get lost, you will be able to find your way back.

Always bring your passport and ID's with you.
dakheel dakheel, Posted: 2013-08-06 02:11:10

Thanks for sharing these safety tips. These are really helpful while traveling. I visit a site: Royal Jets has developed, implemented, and maintains a full functioning safety management system. One of the main reasons why I prefer to fly with Royal jets is there understanding of our rigorous safety standards.
marcfreund636 marcfreund636, Posted: 2013-08-07 07:20:51

Don’t keep your wallet in your jeans’ pocket
Never trust strangers
Travel insurance are must
Separate your sources of money
Don’t give beg tobeggars
Bewary of using your credit card or private
Travel companion are your worst enemy may be so be careful
OldTimer68 OldTimer68, Posted: 2013-08-23 04:55:33

And always keep a Swiss Army knife handy. You never know when you might need it.
peterhenry peterhenry, Posted: 2013-08-26 06:36:02

Excellent guidance Alton. Examine out the web page for a way of tracking your protection while traveling.
kalestone01 kalestone01, Posted: 2013-09-27 06:23:06

While traveling to any place the first and for most with which we have to deal with is vehicle parking. To solve this problem, parking lot management was set up to monitor the number of parked vehicles, in and out timings, space available, etc.

jackbreat01, Posted: 2014-09-11 00:33:12

This information is very nice and helpful to the traveler. Here you define all the important things which are very necessary for all travelers. During travel time you must carry your document, money or ATM, which is very necessary in the travel.

shaunmicheal99, Posted: 2014-12-06 00:20:10

These are very useful advice's and one must take care of these things while travelling. I just want to add to take care of your health while you are travelling.

sania, Posted: 2015-01-27 03:00:31

Great points to remember while travelling,
We are so excited while travelling that we ignore very small things like packing medicines, normal daily useful things etc.
Nice point you have mentioned here @mamborico ... keeping cash in different places.
I have recently read one article

I hope this will help while travelling, be safe

:) happy travelling :)

dream_holidays, Posted: 2015-06-26 03:04:54

Really good tips...Its really helpful.

My suggestions

1. Are your flights booked and tickets printed out?

2. Did you made your hotel reservations or arranged places to stay?

3. What about the rest of your itinerary?

4. Did you make a copy or scan of all your important travel documents and financial documents and did you store them somewhere where you can always access them (like dropbox)?

5. Do you need a visa?

7. Is your passport still valid long enough?

8. And what about vaccinations and medicines? Do you need vaccinations and do you have enough medicines for the months you are away?

9. Have you checked your travel and health insurance?

10. Any ongoing costs you can scrap? Like your phone or car bills, magazines, maybe even rent?

11. Do you have enough money on your bankaccount and enough cash?

12. Are your bankcards allowed in the country you are going to or do you need to purchase a creditcard?

13. Have you bought everything you need? Like a backpack, suitcase, hiking boots, chargers and sd cards for your camera, etcetera

14. Have you asked someone to take care of your apartment/pets/plants and someone to check your mail?

15. Did you let everyone know you are going? Your boss, your family, your friends and even your bank (so you can use ATM machines in foreign countries) etcetera

16. Can you sell some stuff you aren’t going to use anymore to save some extra money for your trip?

17. Have you asked someone to take you (and pick you up) to (and from) the airport?

18. Have you done your research about language barriers, cultural differences and things you can and cannot do in the country you are going to?

19. Have you bought maps, guide books and have you saved important phone numbers in you phone? Like doctors, alarm numbers, family etcetera

20. Did you say goodbye to everyone?
hostelsinindore hostelsinindore, Posted: 2015-08-14 07:01:37

Thanks for providing so useful information. All the things are so useful for traveling. I always remember all the important things like that passport/visa, important document, ATM Card, Foods, Clothes, Medicine and many other.

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