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PastorTonyB PastorTonyB, Posted: 2017-08-13 23:56:44
We are looking to expand our appointment setter personnel. You will be setting appointments with people who need to take CPR/First Aid classes for their jobs, as well as outbound calls to people in the community who might need help from our church.

We are an American nonprofit that is expanding our revenue bases through internet ventures and outbound calls by appointment setters, in addition to various local projects.

You must have RELIABLE internet access, and a cell phone. This position will be working 8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm (Los Angeles time), 11pm- 3am or 3am-7am(Philippines time) Monday through Friday (USA). The first three months are a probationary period. During the probationary period, it will be 20 hours per week, with the possibility of full time based on efficiency and productivity.

There is a quota of 10 persons per month showing up for their class (which is very easy once you get started). The pay is salary PLUS commission. The base salary is $100USD per month, plus 25 Pesos per person that shows up for the class. The commission is also on a graduating scale. For person 1-10 in the month, you receive the commission of 25 Pesos each. Persons 11-20, you receive 50 Pesos each. Any above 20, you receive 100 pesos each. Again, this commission amount is above your regular salary.

You will be speaking to mostly business professionals who are required to take CPR/First Aid for their jobs, so it will be easier to make appointments. You will be required to keep track of each person you speak with and enter the information into our database. Your English must be very clear, and you must speak it well, as you will be speaking to Americans.

We will pay a 13th month bonus in December of each year (prorated for however many months you have been employed with the company)

We observe all Philippine major holidays
Holidays: New Years Days Jan 01 - Maundy Thursday Apr 9 - Good Friday Apr 10 - Labor Day May 01 - Independence Day Jun 12 - National Heroes Day Aug 30 - Bonifacio Day Nov 30 - Christmas Eve Dec 24 - Christmas Day Dec 25 - Rizal Day Dec 30 - New Years Eve Dec 31

After the probation period is successfully completed, we give 2 weeks vacation per year divided as follows: 1 week must be taken between Christmas and New Years, one other week which can be taken anytime with at least two weeks advance notice.

Also, please remember that this position starts as Part Time, but has the possibility of promoting into a Full Time position.

If you are not certain that you can faithfully attend your shifts, or if you are working for someone else each day, this position is not for you. Dedication and hard work is expected for this position. We reward hard work and dedication.

Please send your CV, and Skype address for us to contact you for an interview in the next couple hours if you are interested. Thanks!
AshBooth24 AshBooth24, Posted: 2017-09-12 15:25:48

Good Afternoon,

I am very interested in your position. I have been in the hospice field for almost 10 years and in working my way up from a secretary to an administrative assistant and then eventually a Patient Care Coordinator that was second in charge under my Director of Operations with a census of 175. I am very familiar with scheduling CPR/ first aide classes as well as helping assist in CPR training. I was the overall manager for all my RN's, CNA's, along with my chaplain's and social workers. In recognizing that this job has taken a many of hours and time from my family I am looking for something that I can do from the comfort of my own home part-time, in the essence that I can still have that much needed time with my daughters and husband. This would give me a great opportunity to still enjoy the type of work I do without the hassle of the extremely long hours and time away from my family. Please let me know if this is a position still available as this would be such a blessing.

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