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Umpalazi Project Umpalazi Project, Posted: 2008-12-18 00:27:03
The Umpalazi: Community & Wildlife Project, South Africa

Volunteers are needed for the Umpalazi: Community & Wildlife Project This project incorporates local community upliftment, including skills training, environmental education and aid work; with the rehabilitation of injured and/or orphaned wildlife for future release and monitoring. Umpalazi also provides sanctuary for other displaced animals. Volunteers are needed to keep this project going. Volunteers will have a unique opportunity to work closely with South African wildlife, primarily the South African Vervet Monkey. Volunteers will have a direct and positive impact on the conservation of wildlife and the environment through snare/trap clearing;game counts; bird watching; invasive weed removal and other environmental management activities. There are also opportunities to live with a Zulu family (for a day etc.), and visit other attractions in KwaZulu-Natal (i.e. CROW, Game Reserves, St.Lucia Wetlands etc.) The Umpalazi: Community & Wildlife Project relies on volunteer fees to survive, thus without them, there would be no project. Therefore if you volunteer at Umpalazi, you are directly conserving South Africa's wildlife (particulary vervet monkeys) and environment. Numerous orphaned and injured vervet monkeys are rehabililtated at APES (project partner) and, thus Umpalazi, and as a volunteer you will provide the resources and help to give these beings a chance at a better life. The local Zulu community also benefit greatly via employment, skills training (an upcoming project, again depending on the number of volunteers due to limited funds), environmental education and aid work. For more information email Look forward to hearing from you!
ksbrandon ksbrandon, Posted: 2009-02-16 15:44:36

Another site with free and low cost volunteer opportunities in Africa is

Good luck and safe travels!
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-08-07 07:15:19

This is to let you know of Tre Fontane Lodge, a budget accommodation facility in the inspiring setting of Mariannhill, one of the largest mission centres in Southern africa. Tre Fontane Lodge is situated in Pinetown, Durban area of South africa.

We offer accommodation to international as well local people. Reason why I wrote this message is, we specialise in accommodating volunteer people at reasonable cost. St Mary's Hospital, Jabulani Self-Help Centre, St Francis College, etc, house their volunteers on our premises. It is our pleasure to work with organizations whose aim is to facilitate community development. Hope you find us a satisfactory establishment to house your volunteers.

Thank you.
Anon. Anon., Posted: 2009-11-13 02:22:28


my name is Erik and I am glad I've chosen to do volunteerwork in South Africa.
It is a wonderful experience and I would everyone recommend to considerate volunteer work.

You are able to do certain things that others aren't able to do. With your financial support and of course your hands and willing to support the local people you can help a whole community in South Africa.

Please take a look at:

Don't hesitate to contact me. Kind regards,
Erik Wigman
samzhitai samzhitai, Posted: 2011-05-05 03:54:59

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