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English Listening & Speaking Books, Audio CDs, ESL Pronunciation

English Listening & Speaking Books1. Clear Speech from the Start Student's book: Basic Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension in North American English (Clear Speech) by Judy B. Gilbert, Paperback: 144 pages, Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Offers a unique and creative approach to improving the pronunciation & listening comprehension of beginning ESL/EFL students. Like its higher-level counterpart, this new text concentrates on teaching students to recognize and produce those features that will make an important difference in their ability to understand speakers of English and be understood by them. These features include speech sounds that carry specific grammatical meaning, such as the plural -s and the past tense -ed ending, as well as vowel length, syllable rhythm, word linking, stress, and intonation. The text uses an innovative graphics-based approach specifically designed for beginning students. Each feature is clearly described with a graphic icon that communicates in a visual mode, so that complex descriptions of sound features are unnecessary and instructions can be kept to a minimum.

2. Northstar: Focus on Listening and Speaking, Basic, Second Edition by Laurie Frazier, Helen Solorzano, Paperback: 187 pages, Publisher: Pearson ESL
English Vocabulary in Use Elementary is a vocabulary book for learners of English, primarily designed as a self-study reference and practice book, but which can also be used for classroom work. * 60 easy-to-use units: vocabulary items are presented and explained on left-hand pages with a variety of follow up activities on right-hand pages. * Presents and explains new words in context and shows learners how to use them and how to work out rules for using them. * Based on a corpus of real written and spoken language. * Suggests tips and techniques for good vocabulary learning habits. * Contains a comprehensive, student-friendly key. * Includes a detailed index with phonetic transcription. * Beautifully illustrated in full colour.

3. Active Listening 1: Introducing Skills for Understanding Audio CDs (Active Listening) by Marc Helgesen, Steven Brown , Dorolyn Smith, Audio CD, Publisher: Cambridge University Press
The lowest level of the Active Listening series, a three-level listening course in North American English that draws on recent research in comprehension. This high-beginning to low-intermediate text offers 20 engaging, task-based units, each built around a topic, function, or grammatical theme. Active Listening activates students' knowledge of a topic before they listen, giving them a frame of reference to make predictions about what they will hear. Students learn to listen through a careful balance of activities including listening for gist, listening for specific information, and making inferences. Major features: - a "Before You Begin" unit to develop awareness of listening strategies - pre-listening schema-building activities - a carefully balanced variety of listening tasks - natural recordings with a range of accents - short readings to provide cross-cultural information - a speaking activity in every unit. This level of Active Listening consists of a Student's Book, an interleaved Teacher's Edition, two Cassettes, and three audio CDs.

4. Penguin Elementary Listening Skills (English Language Teaching S.) Joanna Gray,Paperback, Publisher: Penguin Books
This develops the student's ability to understand spoken English at an elementary level. Part of an elementary skills series, it is intended to enable students to cope with normal conversations, lectures and announcements. The cassette provides authentic dialogues for the 15 units.

5. Tree or Three? Student's Book & 2 Cassettes : An Elementary Pronunciation Course, Ann Baker, Paperback 128 pages, Publisher: Cambridge University Press
This is a pronuncation course for beginner and elementary students of English. It provides practice in the pronunciation of English soundss, word stress and intonation through a wide variety of interesting exercises and activities. The course is carefully graded both lexically and structurally to allow teachers to link the material with other course work. Suggested teaching methods as well as additional practice material can be found in the Teacher's Guide. The book is accompanied by a recording of all the practice material on two cassettes, which are designed for use both in class and by students working alone.

6. Simple Speaking Activities (Oxford Basics S.) Jill Hadfield, Charles Hadfield, Paperback 80 pages, Publisher: Oxford University Press
This book contains 30 activities at elementary level, complete with ideas for boardwork and pictures teachers can copy. All the activities are simple and adaptable. They are particularly well-suited to classrooms where there are few resources apart from a board, paper, and pens - and of course the teacher and the learners themselves.

7. Simple Listening Activities (Oxford Basics S.) Jill Hadfield, Charles Hadfield, Paperback 78 pages, Publisher: Oxford University Press
This book contains 30 activities at elementary level.

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