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Accredited Online Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UK

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Arden University (GUS):
Arden University in the UK offers over 50 undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programmes online, including an accredited bachelor's degree in Psychology. Arden University’s online BSc (Hons) Psychology (BPS) allows you to develop a scientific understanding of the mind, brain, behaviour and experience, alongside the complex way they work together. Once you have completed your Distance Learning degree in psychology and successfully graduated, you will have acquired a range of skills that will be appealing to a variety of industries. Employers know that a successful psychology graduate can write coherent and logical reports, understand statistical forms of evidence and have a good understanding of human behaviour.

Arden University has physical study centres in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Berlin, Germany, and also offers high quality online degree programmes to British and international students all over the world.

What skills will I develop during my BSc Honours Psychology Degree?

Photo of Accredited Online Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UKYou will be able to:

• Communicate effectively
• Comprehend and use data effectively
• Retrieve and organise information effectively
• Handle primary source material critically
• Problem solve and reason scientifically
• Make critical judgements and evaluations
• Be sensitive to interpersonal factors
• Use effective personal planning and project management skills

Study Module examples:

Level 4

Introduction to Studying Psychology
Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology
Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology
Introduction to Research Methods I
Introduction to Research Methods II
Key Studies in Psychology

Level 5
Quantitative Research Methods
Qualitative Research Methods
Personality and Intelligence
Social Psychology
Brain and Behaviour
Advanced Topics in Cognitive Psychology

Level 6
Research Project
Contemporary Developmental Psychology
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Occupational Psychology
Mental Health and Illness

*Please note that the modules listed may be subject to change.

BPS Degree Accreditation:

Image of Accredited Online Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UK• Arden University's psychology degree is fully accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) - essential accreditation for any online psychology degree in the UK.

• By offering BPS accredited psychology courses, our successful graduates obtaining at least a lower second class Honours Degree (2:2) will be eligible for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) of the BPS - the basic requirement to train as a professional Psychologist.

• Whilst you are actively studying with Arden, we will cover the cost of your student membership with the BPS. This gives you access to a great range of additional resources to assist with your BPS psychology course studies.

What our students say::

• "I chose Distance Learning because I don't have the capacity to attend classes as my days are full with running my household, taking care of my elderly parents, and attending to the needs of my children. Online studying has been extremely helpful because it provides the flexibility I need."
- Cindy B., Arden University Student, BSc (Hons) Psychology (BPS), South Africa

Address: Arden House, Middlemarch Park, Coventry, England CV3 4FJ, UK / GB