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CMC School, Yucatan - Color Reading / Chromatology Workshop:
Develop your knowledge of color theory and your psychic ability through color with divination - in the abundantly colorful and spectacularly scenic state of Yucatan in Mexico! Chromatology is the study of color, and at CMC School in Yucatan, we offer an exciting and highly educational chromatology, divination & color therapy workshop (taught entirely in English) to develop your psychic ability and enable you to make color readings. Our destination workshop instructor, Donna Reis, is a renowned color therapist and psychic medium from the U.S., and you will enjoy learning from such an insightful expert.

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Based in Dallas, Houston & Austin, Texas, CMC Makeup School is a highly-established education provider of beginner to advanced professional make-up artist certification programs & portfolio development. We now offer quality educational and vacation experiences at our beautiful new location in Mexico, and look forward to seeing you at Progreso Beach in Eastern Yucatan.

Destination Workshops in Mexico:

Photo of Psychic Development / Chromatology Workshop in Mexico- Oct 28th to Nov 4th 2018

• We are excited to welcome U.S. and international tourists, alternative vacation enthusiasts and professionals to our unique chromatology & color therapy destination workshop in Progreso Beach, a tranquil & picturesque location just 30 minutes north of the city of Merida (renowned in many articles for its safety, architecture, food and voted the #1 place to retire in Forbes Magazine!).

• Our programs appeal to medical professionals, therapists, continued education students, vacation seekers & travelers from the neighboring border states of CA, TX, AZ and NM, from across the U.S., and well as local students from Mexico, and international students from Europe, Latin America, The Caribbean, and around the globe.

The Power of Divination:

Image of Psychic Development / Chromatology Workshop in Mexico• Divination is the art or practice of seeking to gain an insight into future events by gathering hidden knowledge through interpretation.

• The intention of divination is to aid an individual in future events to make decisions and choices that are in his/her best interest as well as making the individual aware of any obstacles or blocks that are standing in the way of progress.

The Power of Chromatology & Color Therapy 
• Chromatology (also called chromatics) is the study of color - which has an enormous impact on our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual body. 

• Today, color therapy (also known as chromotherapy) is used extensively by interior designers, fashion designers, beauty therapists, holistic and healing therapists, psychologists, doctors, medical professionals, teachers, mediums, and freelance artists to enhance the power of color and color combinations.

• Learn how color influences our perception, and study color for its healing qualities. 

• Color therapy is now also used in a growing number of cancer treatment centers, and is a great bonus to many healthcare professionals to be able to receive this knowledge.

Color and Divination - Chromatology Workshop with Donna Reis:

Photos of CMC School, Yucatan - Color Reading / Chromatology Workshop• In this unique program, you learn color theory, how to develop your psychic ability through color, and how to do divination readings by utilizing the power of color.

• Learn how to use the 14 colors, and how to place them, and how to do a reading.

• Receive a powerful insight into your own personal life and anything you choose to do with this powerful training.

• In this course, you are taught how to develop your psychic ability to do color readings so that you can then go on to do some color therapy for yourself, family, friends, clients.

• This chromatology / color therapy workshop for beginners could also be used by some participants as a healing / holistic therapy educational program with color.

Join us at our Stunning Location:

Picture of Psychic Development / Chromatology Workshop in MexicoProgreso Beach is a tranquil fishing town in the state of Yucatan (just 30 minutes north of the popular city of Merida (which has been in many tourism and travel articles for its safety, architecture, food, and was voted the #1 place to retire in Forbes Magazine!), and about 4 hours east of Cancun.

Progreso Beach is very peaceful with warm ocean waters, and pretty much comfortably warm weather all year round. Our school is located directly across from the boardwalk where students can walk to restaurants and shopping.

Accommodation & Transport:  We offer room and board, and pick you up / drop you off from/to the airport for all of our workshops here, so the hiring of a vehicle is not needed by our students. 

The closest airport is Merida, Yucatan, while Cancun can often offer a cheaper option with more direct flights from the USA & international locations. If you decide to fly to Cancun, there is a very comfortable bus, with TVs, toilet facility etc, that will bring you directly to Merida via a 3.5 hour ride. We are happy to provide you with information on traveling that route if you would like.

Feedback of CMC Programs:

"5 stars! CMC is a great opportunity to experience high quality professional training & offers short term affordable classes! The instructors take the extra time to focus on the area of the industry you are looking to specialize in & teach you so much more while starting to build an amazing portfolio."
- Jessica

• "CMC more than reached my expectations. The environment was very comfortable and the instructor made it quite easy to ask questions or ask for help. I truly loved my week at CMC and I wish it would have been a little longer, just so I could spend more time with my fellow artists."
- Tori

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