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Arden University - MSc Data Analytics Dual Degree Programmes Online:
Arden University offers over 50 undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programmes online, including master degrees in Data Analytics. Arden University’s dual degree programmes combine Data Analytics with another relevant industry sector to prepare you for the modern workplace regardless of your industry, and our 8 unique programmes pair big data with other topics such as finance, human resource management, operations management, and more. Our accessible online learning platform and expert tutors provide support and guidance throughout your studies, and to ensure you can make the most out of your education.

A Range of Data Analytics Masters Programmes Online:

Photo of Online Data Analytics Masters from Arden University, UK- MSc Data Analytics & Finance
- MSc Data Analytics & Human Resource Management
- MSc Data Analytics & Information Systems Management
- MSc Data Analytics & IT Security Management
- MSc Data Analytics & Marketing (CIM)
- MSc Data Analytics & Operations Management
- MSc Data Analytics & Project Management
- MSc Data Analytics & Enterprise Architecture

• Current trends reveal that data analytics is no longer for specialists.  The modern workplace relies heavily on data, and people with the skills to handle and interpret business data are in high demand, and therefore, the modern employee needs data analysis skills regardless of their role in the company.

• These programmes are ideal for people who want to increase mobility within their industry by incorporating data analytics into their skill set.  Learning skills such as data visualisation alongside topics relevant to your industry makes these courses extremely valuable and directly applicable to your career.

• All of Arden’s programmes are delivered with a strong focus on employability and career success. This professional programme is designed and delivered by experienced practitioners, so you can ensure your career has the best foundation through direct industry experience.

• At Arden, we believe that geographical constraints and life commitments are hurdles that should not prevent ambitious individuals from pursuing high-quality education to enhance their careers. 

• Arden University has physical study centres in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Berlin, Germany, and also offers high quality online degree programmes to British and international students all over the world. We offer the degree programmes via online Distance Learning to provide you with the education that you can fit around your lifestyle.

Updated: 2021-09-08
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