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Based in the UAE and India, we offer a range of internationally-recognized business programs online to students living in Saudi Arabia and around the world, including postgraduate diploma courses, and an online MBA degree from the UK. These programs will enable our students to excel in fields such as Project Management, International Marketing, HR Management and Supply Chain Management. They will also enhance their prospects in their chosen career or in higher education.

Online Postgraduate Diploma & Masters Degree Courses:

PG Diploma in Business Strategy
Course Duration: 6 months. Awarded by the Association of Business Practitioners (ABP), a not-for-profit degree awarding body from UK.
Photo of Online Business / Management Degree CoursesThis qualification is intended to help strengthen practicing managers and entrepreneurs in terms of confidence and operational efficiency.

It also gives budding managers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to explore their potential while acquiring transferable skills that will enhance employability if their business ideas have limited traction.

Successful graduates have the option to progress to a Top-up MBA from Anglia Ruskin University.

Course Content:
- Strategic Business Management and Planning
- Corporate Management in Action
- Organizational Resource Management
- Leadership and Change Management
- Management of Financial Resources and Performance

PG Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership
Course Duration: 12 months. Awarded by Edexcel BTEC (Business & Technical Education Council), the UK's largest examination body.
This online course combines education in all the basic modern management techniques with a comprehensive development program of the personal skills required by today's managers.

It is a valuable qualification in its own right as it prepares graduates from any discipline for a career in management or an executive or management role in any industry.

Successful graduates have the option to gain a direct entry into the final stage of the MBA program of the University of Worcester, UK.

Course Content:
- Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills
- Professional Development for Strategic Managers & Developing Corporate Culture
- Strategic Human Resource Management
- Strategic Quality and Systems Management
- Strategic Change Management
- Strategic Marketing Management
- Strategic Supply Chain Management
- Creative and Innovative Management
- Corporate Communication Strategies
- Project Development and Implementation for Strategic Managers

PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management & Logistics
Course Duration: 10 weeks. Awarded by the Association of Business Practitioners (ABP), a not-for-profit degree awarding body from UK.
This course was designed to help logistics/ supply chain management professionals to ensure that products/ services are created and delivered, based on a total systemic view from suppliers to end customers.

It aims to upskill the participants and provide them with the necessary expertise to meet the Logistics challenges of the future. It comprises the following modules:

- Importance of supply chain management and logistics
- Structure of a robust supply chain
- Developing an efficient and enhanced supply chain
- Supply chain and logistics in an international context

PG Diploma in Procurement and Contracts Management - 10 weeks:
Course Duration: 10 weeks. Study Options: Weekend/ Part-time/ Face-to-Face/ Online
This PG Qualification helps professionals or senior managers in organizations working in the UAE, GCC, and other regions.

This course will cover the basic fundamentals of procurement and contracts management in an organization.

The course covers an overview of procurement management, as well as how good strategies can help improve an organization’s Supply Chain, leading to business performance. Students learn the following key topics:

- Fundamental concept & effectiveness of procurement process in a commercial environment.
- Understand the process of contracts.
- Understand the value addition of procurement to business.
- Role of contracts in adding value & security to the business.
- Development of procurement strategies, improved working relationships with contractors & suppliers.

PG Diploma in Islamic Finance & Banking
Image of Online Business / Management Degree CoursesCourse Duration: 2 months. Awarded by the Association of Business Practitioners (ABP), a not-for-profit degree awarding body from UK.

With the growth of Islamic financial institutions across the world, we believe it’s important to offer a course such as this one. 

Designed to provide financial management students a well-rounded perspective of the fundamentals of Islamic Finance and Banking, it comprises the following modules:

- Evolution of Islamic banking and finance principles
- Differences between Islamic finance and banking and the conventional modes of finance and banking
- Islamic banking and finance product and services
- Governance of Islamic banking and financial

PG Diploma in Strategic Human Resource Management
Course Duration: 10 weeks. Awarded by the Association of Business Practitioners (ABP), a not-for-profit degree awarding body from UK.
Suitable both for students already working in HR or management and those who wish to start a career in this field, this course provides you the opportunity to gain professional recognition and progress your career in the direction you choose. It includes the following modules:

- Strategic Human Resource Management
- HR Engagement
- Strategic role of HR Planning
- Strategically Oriented Performance Measurement & Compensation System
- Global HRM Strategy
- Human Resource Management Tools

PG Diploma in Health Care Management & Leadership
Course Duration: 10 weeks
This qualification aims to teach medical professionals ((e.g doctors and medical practitioners, managers from healthcare industries) the principles for effective Healthcare Management which are essential to leading hospitals and healthcare companies.

It aims to equip participants with an understanding of the external context in which healthcare organisations operate, how they are managed, and analytical techniques that can be applied to decision-making processes within the health sector.

PG Diploma in Shipping & Freight Forwarding
Course Duration: 10 weeks
Often referred to as the life blood of the global economy, the shipping and freight forwarding industry involves the transportation of goods (food stuffs, oil and gas, commodities, manufactured products for import and export) that account for near about 90% of the world trade.

This course is designed to give managers of logistics and freight forwarding companies, shipping company managers and officers, and management students an in-depth insight into the industry.

It aims to help them to understand the basic principles and fundamentals of effective Shipping & Freight Forwarding Management.

PG Diploma in Warehouse & Inventory Management
Course Duration: 10 weeks
The effective management of inventory control and warehouse operations are critical to the supply chain of any organisation.

This online course aims to teach the essential principles of warehousing and inventory management to those who are responsible for what comes in and goes out of the company, teaching them how to lead a cost-effective and efficiently-operated process, ensuring that enough products are available but not too much that is stockpiled.

PG Diploma in Finance and Risk Management
Course Duration: 10 weeks
This postgraduate qualification equips finance professionals and students with the knowledge and skills essential to leading organizations in the fields of banking and investment, accounting, and finance management. 

Ideal for anyone who wishes to gain an in-depth understanding of the finance domain, it can also serve as a supplement to other finance-related professional or academic qualifications.

PG Diploma in Engineering Management
Course Duration: 12 weeks
Suitable for engineering professionals of all levels, the core management curricululm of this course covers a variety of technical aspects, providing a tech-savvy alternative capsule of a management degree.

The course is designed to improve your job prospects by equipping you with effective Engineering Management knowledge which is essential to leading construction and production companies, preparing you to become a future industry leader.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management - Leading to Anglia Ruskin University’s MBA (top up)
Course Duration: 12 months. Awarded by the Association of Business Practitioners (ABP), a not-for-profit degree awarding body from UK.
Designed for professionals seeking progression to a higher management role, this program is offered in association with the London School of Marketing (LSM). In your first 9 months of study, you complete the Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Business Strategy, awarded by the ABP.

On successful completion of this course, you can then progress to ‘top up’ entry at Anglia Ruskin University’s Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

This online MBA degree will expand on your existing marketing knowledge, while developing management and leadership skills.

Top-Up Master of Business Administration (MBA) 
Study Options: Full-time, part-time & online. Course Duration: 14 -18 months.
A leading business-focused university in Central England, this MBA program is a comprehensive, industry-relevant degree that is designed to take your career to the next level.

It follows on from ("tops-up") the Level 7 (PG) Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, awarded by Edexcel (Pearson) UK.

Designed to meet the needs of modern day global business, our curriculum combines academic excellence and professional skills to help you to gain exemplary skill sets and the means to excel in strategic level positions. Course duration is 14 -18 months, including the PG Diploma.

Course Structure:
This MBA program consists of 2 parts and includes 10 core modules and a final dissertation. On successful completion of Part 1, you will be awarded the Level 7 (PG) Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, awarded by Edexcel (Pearson) UK.

On successful completion of Part 2

MA Management (MAM)
Study options: Full-time, part-time & online. Course Duration: 14-18 months.
The MA Management course is designed to cover a wide range of business activities for students with little or no background in management.

It provides a comprehensive study of management through the use of a range of learning strategies such as live case studies, visiting speakers and blended learning, which  will enhance your career in business and management.

In addition, it equips you with a broad understanding of organisational management, and provides the basis for further study in a range of professional subject areas such as accounting, marketing and human resources.

Course Structure:
MAM program consists of 2 parts and includes 10 core modules and a final dissertation.

On successful completion of Part 1, you will receive the Level 7 (PG) Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

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Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (Department of Distance and Continuing Education)
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• Earn an internationally-recognized qualification in the field of natural health / holistic healing with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (IBAM)! Based in Kolkata, we provide a wide range of online / distance learning courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level to students from throughout India and worldwide.

• IBAM offers diploma, bachelor degree, postgraduate diploma, paramedical courses, master degree & doctorate courses in a range of alternative medicine therapies including Naturopathy, Medical Herbalism, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, & Reflexology.

• We also provide paramedical diploma courses, as well as 1-year specialization diploma courses ideal for registered medical practitioners who would like to incorporate alternative medicine and natural therapies into the treatment of their patients.

• Distance learning gives you the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your own home or office, and to schedule your studies around your professional and personal commitments. All of our courses are taught in English.

• The largest organization of Alternative Medicines in India, we are a Government registered institution with many international affiliations.

Student Testimonial:
"It was very nice to complete my education with you. I applied for board certification as a naturopathic doctor. Please note that your diploma was accepted in order for me to sit for that exam, and is held in high regard by the board examiners. Thank you."
- John, Pennsylvania, USA
Online / Distance Learning Courses

• Diploma in Alternative Medicine
• Bachelor Degree in Alternative Medicine
• Masters in Psychotherapy & Counseling
• Paramedical Diploma courses
• 1-Yr Specialization Diploma courses

Doctoral Courses
• Doctor of Naturopathy / Natural Medicine
• Doctor of Holistic Medicine
• Doctor of Oriental Medicine
• Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines
• Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicines
• Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicines
• Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture
• Doctor of Medicine in Electro Homeopathy
Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management
Courses / Programs
Located in Bandra, close to Mumbai city centre, Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management has been established to facilitate the transition from hospitality academics to successful careers in hospitality industry.

Affiliated to the University of Mumbai, we provide a range of hospitality-related Associate, Bachelor, and Masters Degree programs as well as a variety of short-term Culinary Arts courses.

Hospitality, we believe, has new connotations in the modern world. It is an emerging industry with a bright future and part of the sunshine sector.

Like always, we love to be at the vanguard of action and with a preparedness expected of the leaders in the industry.
Hospitality & Culinary Arts Degree Programs:
- Masters (MSc) in Hotel & Hospitality Administration
- Bachelor Degree (BSc) in Hospitality Studies
- Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Culinary Arts
- Associate Degree in Hospitality Studies
- Associate Degree in Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Workshops:
- Chocolate Making
- Thai Cooking
- Cupcakes Fiesta
- Eggless Baking
- Starters & More
- Cakes & Icing
- Vegetarian Cooking
- Healthy Baking/Cooking
- Family Cooking & Baking..
Rachnoutsav Events Academy, Hyderabad
Courses / Programs
Situated in the upmarket business district of Banjara Hills, in the heart of the India's Pearl city, Hyderabad, Rachnoutsav Events Academy provides professional undergraduate and postgraduate event management programs, including foundation and Masters courses in Event Management, as well as a Masters program in Wedding Planning.

Founded in 1996, Rachnoutsav is today poised to translate its vast experience and expertise into a world-class Events Academy, with an aim to develop expert individuals in the field of Event Management and empower them with cutting-edge training.

Event managers are in great demand, due to the rise in corporate and personal events needing professionals to manage them. The growing need of skilled professionals in managing the increasing number of events in the corporate and media sectors is driving the event management industry. The courses offered by our Academy have an international appeal, with a practical-oriented training methodology. From day one, the innovative, skill focused and management driven programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level will mould the Rachnoutsav Events Academy students to excel in the event management world.
Professional Foundation Course in Event Management (1 Year - Full-time)

- Event Marketing
- Event Planning
- Logistics
- Financial Management
- Communication

Advanced Masters in Event Management (2 Years - Full-time)

- Special Events Management
- Event Sponsorships
- Press Conferences
- Political Events
- Sporting Events

Advanced Master in Wedding Planning (1 Year - Full-time)

- Introduction to Weddings
- A 'Dream Wedding'
- Evaluating
- Personality Development
- Entrepreneurship
Aditya Jyot Institute of Optometry, Mumbai
Courses / Programs
Established in 2003, Aditya Jyot Institute of Optometry is located in Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra in the west of India. We provide a Bachelor in Optometry degree course and short-term comprehensive fellowship programs. We aim to prepare a cadre of well-qualified optometrists trained to provide primary eye care services to the society as well as to the optical industry opening vistas of opportunity for each student, to pursue a career of choice like academics, research and development in optical and opthalmic field, working in opthalmic hospitals or practicing independently.

Aditya Jyot Institute of Optometry is:
- Recognized by Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik
- A Life Member of Indian Optometric Association
- A Resource Center of International Association of Contact Lens Education, Australia

We are considered to be the top of the line in clinical training of Optometry interns. Students area exposed to community outreach programs, workshops, conferences, public relation skill development activities. We offer special lectures conducted by super specialty doctors and professionals in the field of optometry from both India and abroad.
- Bachelor degree in Optometry - B.Sc. Optom.
- Short-term comprehensive fellowship programs: 1-year short-term comprehensive fellowship program is also available in clinical diagnostics to the 3 year diploma holder or 4-year degree holder in Optometry from a reputed institution in order to improvise on the clinical skills.
Cambay Institute of Hospitality Management, Gandhinagar
Courses / Programs
Cambay Institute of Hospitality Management offer undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and professional learning programs in hospitality management from four campuses across India in Jaipur, Gandhinagar, Neemrana and Udaipur. Our aim is to educate the next generation of leaders hospitality management - one of the world's largest and most dynamic industries. Our wide range of hospitality & hotel management programs are taught by experienced experts from 4 campuses across India.

Our dedication to research and our personal commitment to students are what make our teaching stand out. Our faculty members explore critical trends -- producing research that shapes our industry's strategic, managerial and operating practices. That research comes alive in our classrooms, giving our students a competitive edge in whatever field they pursue. We also take the time, both inside and outside the classroom, to personalize our students' experiences. The result would be close knit network of alumni who would play a fundamental role in our educational mission. Take advantage of a truly distinctive educational experience. Discover your path to Hospitality Leadership.
- Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Hotel Management
- MBA - Service Sector Management (with specialization in Hotel Management)
- Bachelor of Arts (BA) - International Hospitality Management
- Diploma in Hospitality Management
- Bartending Certificate Program
- Food Production Certificate Program
- Bakery and Confectionery Certificate
Christ College
Courses / Programs
Christ College was selected for the Best Campus Award by the Bangalore Urban Art Commission for four consecutive years, 1996 through 2000. Well maintained gardens and buildings, air-conditioned Seminar Halls, Panel Room, Conference Hall, Assembly Hall, Terrace Garden, Auditorium, Health Club, Kiosk and all the requirements of an institute of higher learning are the unique features of our college. Our college has the rare distinction of being the first college in Karnataka to be accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an independent Council under UGC. In the colleges in Bangalore all administrative works of the college are computerized. The four computer labs are equipped with the latest Intel microprocessor based computers.
Post Graduate Programmes Affiliated to Bangalore University, Under Graduate Programmes Affiliated to Bangalore University, International Twinning Programmes with international univesities, Twinning Programme with Pondicherry University, India, Study Program on India for International Students, International Travel and Tourism Programs, Certificate Courses