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Fun Flash Strategy Game Online - Slammings

Rating: 8/10 - 441 votes

Slammings is a funny yet challenging tower defense-style game for kids that combines strategy, action and some physics. Slammings are pesky little creatures that want to march into your home and destroy everything – and it’s up to you to stop them! The marching Slammings are intent on destruction, and you have an array of tools that can stop them in their tracks. You can slam, bomb, deflect and zap them – just make sure they don’t make it all the way across the playing area to your house! If they do, the little pests burn it down and it’s game over!

Score elimination combos to earn bigger and better tools for getting rid of the creatures. There are cool different ways to eliminate the Slammings – you have to combine strategy, physics and skill. You have to strategically plan out how you are going to stop them. You have to use an active understanding of physics to build and create pathways to ensure their doom. You’ll also need nifty fingers and mouse work;

This tricky defensive game really helps to exercise your quick reaction skills as there are so many Slammings to defeat. Think you’ve got the strategic know-how to stop these angry little bullies? Ok then, let’s find out!

How to Play: There are two different modes of gameplay – Campaign Mode and Mayhem Mode. In Campaign Mode, you go through each level with a target amount of Slammings to eliminate. In Mayhem Mode, it’s a “free for all” – the Slammings just keep on coming! Try Campaign Mode first. The number of Slammings you have to eliminate is indicated at the bottom of the game screen. They march from left to right towards your precious home. If 10 of them make it all the way across – it’s Game Over. In the bottom right hand corner of the game screen, you can keep an eye on how many have made it.

There are various different ways you can eliminate these troublesome little creatures. Your tools are shown along the top left hand side of the game screen. The easiest way to get rid of the little pests is to slam them. Using your computer mouse, left click on any one of the Slammings and hold the click down. Drag them up into the air and slam them to the ground. Depending on the size of the creature, you might need to slam him a few times until his little health bar runs out.

You also have a Drawing tool where you can create blockades to stop them in their tracks. There is also a Bomb tool where you can drop a bomb in the middle of them to blow them up. The Scissors tool allows you to cut down bridges so the Slammings fall into water or fire. The Super Spoon tool splats the Slammings with a huge steel spoon. Use your computer mouse to activate and use all of these tools. You have to earn these tool upgrades by performing elimination combos. Once you eliminate a Slamming, a little clock appears in the top right corner of the game screen. You have until the clock disappears to eliminate another, and so on. As you score multiple combos, you unlock more tools.

Tip: You don’t always have to be trying to eliminate the Slammings. If they are getting too close to your home, click and fling them to the other side of the game screen. This gives you more time to plan your next move and attack.

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