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Online Medieval Jousting Game - Knight Age

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Hundreds of years ago, when courageous Knights were the most feared and respected citizens in the land, they took part in ‘Jousting’ tournaments to prove their bravery and skill. It’s time for you to travel back in time, and enter the greatest Jousting adventure of them all! Knight Age is a challenging ability and timing-based game for teens where you play the role of a Knight of the Middle Ages, and have to take part in a grueling Jousting tournament against other noble fighting men from all over the Realm.

Jousting is a dangerous sport of combat where two competitors charge at each other on horseback, each trying to inflict the most damage on their opponent using a huge Lance – a long wooden pole. In this suspense-filled game, you must master the skill and timing of Jousting if you want to go far in the tournament. Timing is especially important, as you have to carefully choose your moment to charge, ensuring maximum horse speed. Accuracy is also key to your success, for only an accurate strike on your opponent yields damaging results. Arise, Sir Try-a-lot, and let’s see if you are brave enough to get into the saddle and set off on this medieval action adventure. Good luck!

How to Play: Before the Tournament begins, you have to choose your Knight. Each one has different attribute levels of Speed, Defense and Attack. The Tournament takes place over a number of areas on a great map of the Realm. You have to win your Jousting battle in each area to progress. In each battle, the 2 Knights charge at each other, inflicting damage with their Lances as many times as it takes until one Knight’s Health Bar is gone. At the start of each ‘Round’ (charge), you must set off your horse at as fast a pace as possible. The Gold Speed Bar on the right of the game screen dictates the speed of your horse's charge.

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click when the helmet icon is at the highest point on the Speed Bar. Once your horse starts running, Left Click again to start lowering your Lance. It continues lowering automatically, so you have to keep it upright, and on target, by repeatedly clicking your mouse. Try to keep the Lance in line with the Yellow Target on the left of the game screen, just in front of your opponent. There is a countdown – 3, 2, 1, then SMASH – the two riders collide. If you have accurately and speedily struck your opponent, you inflict more damage on him than he on you. Both Knights’ Health Bars are along the top of the game screen. They keep charging at each other until one has been eliminated. If you win the battle, you progress to the next area. Each time you strike your opponent, you earn Gold Coins. These can be used in the ‘Shop’ to purchase upgrades such as better Lances, stronger Armor, and a slower Speed Bar.

Note: If the battle ends in a draw, i.e. both Knights Health Bars are eliminated at the same time – there is a ‘Joust-off’. This is like sudden death, where they charge at each other one last time, and the best hit wins out.

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