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Ninja Action Game to Play - Final Ninja Zero

Rating: 9/10 - 6788 votes

Get ready for some fast-paced platformer action with Final Ninja Zero, an addicting online arcade game where you control Takeshi the Ninja on his futuristic mission to eliminate the villain – Doctor Victor Boshi (a highly mischievous scientist who runs a hamburger corporation in a giant metropolis controlled by large corporations that are fighting each other for the power to dominate the markets.)

This cool ninja warrior adventure game will have you hooked from the very first level, as you perform super-slick ninja stunts and awesome acrobatics. Avoid enemies by any means necessary – flying, jumping, bouncing, swinging and running. Swing through each challenging level on your Ninja-Rope. Use your Ninja Invisibility to bamboozle the bad guys and fire Ninja Stars at them to send them packing!

This fun retro-style action game will really test your dexterity and quick reflexes, as you maneuver the little guy over obstacles and onto ledges. Accuracy is also essential, as you must expertly aim and fire Ninja Stars at your enemies to eliminate them. Think you’ve got what it takes to become the Ultimate Ninja? Ok Sensei, grab your Ninja Fighting Belt and let’s go!

How to Play: Control Takeshi using both your computer mouse and your computer keyboard. Use the Arrow Keys to move left and right and the Up Arrow to jump. Alternatively, you can use WASD keys to change direction. Occasionally, you receive a message from your boss or other Ninja colleagues. Hit Spacebar to read these useful tips. To fire a Ninja Star, aim with the cursor of your computer mouse and Left Click to fire. To use your Ninja Rope, aim with your mouse and hold down the Left Click. The Ninja Rope will attach itself to the obstacle that you aimed at. Once the rope is attached, you can swing from it using the Left and Right Arrow keys. Simply release the Left Click to let go of the rope.

When Takeshi jumps against a wall, you see him grab it. Press the opposite arrow key to perform a special high jump in the opposite direction. You only have 3 lives, so be careful. You can see your life bar in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen. To use your special Ninja Invisibility, hit the Down Arrow while standing still. You become invisible and the Bad Guys can’t get you. Also, lasers and other missiles don’t do you any damage. Be careful because you can’t fire your Ninja Stars while invisible. Good luck Ninja Master!

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