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Stark Tower Defense Strategy Game

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Stark Tower Defense is a dynamic strategy game for children, teens and Big Kids where you have to use famous comic superheroes to stop Dr. Doom and his Lethal Legion from launching a major assault - in an attempt to capture Stark Tower. This fast-paced and fun-filled action game can get intensely hectic, as the Lethal Legion approach in mass numbers! Be prepared for a full-on onslaught of explosive action and tense excitement! Enjoy!

Background: Stark is a company name created by Iron Man. Iron Man has joined forces with other Superheroes including Hulk, Spiderman and X-Men mutants - Wolverine, Storm, Emma Frost, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Rogue and Gambit. Now the devious Dr. Doom and his Lethal Legion are launching a major assault on Stark Tower. Their aim is to completely take over! Your mission is to help Iron Man and the Super Hero Squad to protect the world from the menacing Dr. Doom and his nasty villains in this stylish tile-based tower defense game. The future of the planet now rests in your hands. Be strong Good Citizen! Your skill and bravery will be rewarded!

How To Play: Choose your playing level (Normal or Epic). Choose which Stark defenders you want to use and decide where you want to place them. All the defenders have different weapons (bio-bullets, webbing, rockets, lightening, laser etc.) and different capabilities in terms of speed, range and damage. Have fun trying out the different effects. When you have sufficient virtual money (cash) available, you can buy the same character multiple times to place within the battle field. Use your computer mouse to Click & Drag the available super hero icons from the top right hand side of the game screen into the city map – now you have added your Stark tower defenders.

You can sell or upgrade your tower by clicking on it (in the city map) and choosing the sell/upgrade option beneath the icon in the right hand side of the game screen. Be sure to upgrade your towers and sell any ineffective towers. You can send a new wave of enemies by clicking on “SEND NEW WAVE” in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Each new wave of enemies brings an increase in game difficulty. You can see your virtual money earned and Score at the top of the game screen and your Tower Strength (red bar) in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Once your tower strength is empty – it means that the enemy has infiltrated Stark Tower - and it’s game over. Good luck!

TIP: Send in the next wave early for a time bonus. Complete all 30 waves for a massive victory bonus.

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