Fancy Pants World 3 adventure game online free to play with no download: World 3 from the Fancy Pants adventure series is a really cool stickman game to play now online & one of the best platformer games for kids/ teens. Awesome RPG games, online maze games with jumping, running & stunts.
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Stickman Platform Game - Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3

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Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 is yet another fun and addicting high-quality platform game from the popular Fancy Pants series of side-scrolling adventures. Again, this features Fancy Pants Man – the acrobatic stick-man hero with outrageous colored pants! In the World 3 adventure, Fancy Pants must try to overthrow the fiendish Bathtub Pirates, who have taken over the King’s Royal Bathtub! Fancy Pants has to navigate his way through increasingly difficult platform levels to succeed. Avoid bad guys, collect Squiggles, and vault over ravines as you try to survive until the end of each level.

The unusual pencil-style graphics and retro gameplay gives this ultra-cool platformer a unique style. Fancy Pants moves in an awesome, fluid manner, and once you get the hang of the controls, you’ll be hooked! His movement is a lot like that of Sonic the Hedgehog, in that he can run up walls, jump around, and reach seemingly impossible ledges. You’ll need nifty fingers and quick reactions to succeed, as Fancy Pants movements are subtle and sensitive. Ready for a proper platform challenge? Good, it’s time to put on your Fancy Pats and slip-slide your way to victory!

How to Play: Control (and play the role of) Fancy Pants’ with your computer keyboard. Use the Arrow Keys to control his movements, and the S Key to jump. There is a Training Level before the main game starts where you can learn the ropes and the various different types of moves. Press the Down Arrow while running to perform a slide to get under small gaps in ledges. When you jump against a wall, hit S again to perform an acrobatic wall jump. Press the Up Arrow while running up a curved wall to boost Fancy Pants to the top.

In the main area of the game, once you’re finished training, you must collect Squiggles (little circular blobs) along the way. There are special Springs that boost you up to higher ledges, and enemies that can be eliminated using your slide attack. You lose a life if you fall down a ravine. Check how many lives you has remaining in the top left corner of the game screen. As you progress through the levels, you come across secret doors. Press the Up Arrow beside a door to go through it. These doors bring you to bonus levels where there are numerous Squiggles, and extra-life power-ups to be won.

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