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Free Zelda Game - The Legend of Zelda: Seeds of Darkness

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The Legend of Zelda: Seeds of Darkness is an all-action RPG adventure game based on the widely popular Nintendo Zelda game franchise. Set in Hyrule (an expansive, forest-laden fantasy world filled with mysterious creatures and magical beings), you play the role of Link, a sword-wielding, elf-like humanoid. Using a large bomb that is attached to him, Link has to save Hyrule by destroying the three ‘Seeds of Darkness’ that are spreading badness throughout the land.

This epic online flash role-playing activity contains all the elements of classic Zelda gameplay. You have to defeat enemies with slick sword fighting skills, explore the vast forests of Hyrule, find hidden objects, and try to outwit the forces of evil that are trying to hunt Link down. Quick reactions and fast fingers are very important here, along with an inquisitive mind, as there are many secrets to uncover on this noble quest. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the action, and create a new chapter in the wonderful Legend of Zelda? Good luck!

How to Play: The forest of Hyrule has come under the influence of the three ‘Seeds of Darkness’ – the ‘Source of Sadness’, the ‘Bearer of Jealousy’, and the ‘Creator of Anger’. To return the world to its former glory, Link has to destroy these seeds, and restore normality to the great forest. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver Link around the forest. Press the A Key to wield your sword, and the S Key to block enemy attacks. Hit the Return / Enter Key to pause the game at any stage.

Explore the forest, eliminating enemies along the way using the sword slash move. Link loses a Heart from his Health Bar each time he comes into contact with one of the bad guys. Keep an eye on your Health Bar along the top of the game screen. Link has a bomb magically attached to him once he enters the forest. This bomb automatically follows Link around in every direction. Link can only enter a new area of the forest if the bomb is right next to him, so you might have to wait for the bomb to catch up in some instances. While you won’t need to use the bomb until you find the Seeds of Darkness, it can be set off if it receives too many hits from your enemies – so be careful. Once you find the three Seeds of Darkness (and they are really hard to find), you don’t need to press any buttons – just let the bomb do the work for you!

Note: Many first time Zelda gamers think that the main character is named ‘Zelda’, but this is a popular misconception. Link has always been the main protagonist of the series. Indeed, "Princess Zelda" often turns up to aid Link in his quests, but he is on his own here!

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