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Good Fun Arcade Adventure Game - Firebug

Rating: 8.7/10 - 433 votes

Firebug is a fun and addicting platform game for kids where you have to guide an adorable little critter through a series of challenging platform levels. You play the role of Firebug – a cute little character who is perfectly harmless, except that everything he touches goes on fire! Each time he steps on a block or a ledge, it goes up in flames, so you have to quickly jump from block to block before they collapse and send him into the deadly ocean below. Make your way through this fiery adventure as fast as possible while collecting delicious large jelly beans along the way. Try to escape each level by making it to the end marker. Avoid other fire-spreaders, and leap your way around each increasingly difficult obstacle course.

Your quick reactions will really be tested in this colorful arcade game, which has quirky graphics and funny animation. You’ll also need nifty fingers to succeed, as controlling the little guy is pretty tricky, as he sets fire to almost everything in his path! Ready to burn your way to the top of the leaderboard with red-hot platform skills? Good, it’s time to raise the temperature!

How to Play: In each of the 33 increasingly difficult levels, you have to get your little Firebug character to the End Marker (which is usually at the other side of the game screen, but could be above or below you, depending on the level). There are tasty Jelly Beans for Firebug can collect along the way. Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to move the little guy. The X and M keys can be used to jump, along with Up Arrow and W. When he is on a silver colored Block, Firebug can move around normally. However, when he touches off any of the brown-colored blocks, they catch fire. After a few seconds, these blocks fall into the water below, so you’d better get moving off them.

If Firebug falls into the water, you have to start the level again. If you find the path to the End Marker has been burned away, and you have nowhere to go, click the circular arrow in the top right corner to restart the level. These give your score an extra boost once you complete the level. Try to get to the end marker as quickly as possible, as the Points Counter is ticking down from 1000 at the top of the game screen. You must also try to avoid any bad guys that spread the fire around further.

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