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Fun Arcade Game - Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam

Rating: 9.1/10 - 754 votes

Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam is a fun online platform game where you play the role of Dirk, a British General who uses a magic Chain Gun to defeat his enemies. You must guide Dirk through a series of treacherous levels in the Fortress of Steam – a huge base controlled by the pesky Baron Battenberg. In each level, you must defeat the Baron’s troops, release prisoners and climb obstacles to progress.

Be prepared for a surprise, as this isn’t your average shooting game. Dirk’s Chain Gun, as well as blasting opponents, also builds bridges so that he can reach seemingly impossible ledges and secret areas. You must carefully craft these bridges to help Dirk progress through the increasingly difficult levels. Making bridges and eliminating the Bad Guys at the same time is very challenging, so you’ll need quick reactions, nifty fingers and an engineering brain to succeed.

The Fortress of Steam is full of nasty surprises, so be careful of hidden missiles and speedy opponents. Once your health bar goes, it’s game over and you have to restart the level. This fast-paced action game has cool retro graphics, and the gameplay of a good, old-style adventure platformer. Think you’ve got the skills to help Dirk defeat the bumbling Baron? OK General, let's conquer that fortress!

How to Play: Control Dirk using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Alternatively, you can use your WASD keys to move him around. To fire the Chain Gun, aim with the cursor of your computer mouse and Left Click to fire. As you progress, you’ll see a Blue Hologram of an old man – this is your army Sergeant and he helps you along the way. Stand beside the hologram to learn information and gain tips on how best to use your weapon – The Chain Gun. This is used for various different tasks. Firstly, it’s the weapon you use to blast away fast-approaching missiles and the bad guys. You can also build bridges with it to help Dirk get to higher ledges and across ravines.

To build a bridge, fire the Chain Gun at a solid structure, like a wall or ledge. The Chain attaches itself to the wall and forms a bridge that Dirk can walk on. To remove this bridge, simply fire the Chain Gun again. Before you complete each level, there are prisoners that you must help escape. These little guys are held in a cage somewhere within the level, and you must shoot the lock to set them free. Once you have done that, an exit door opens and you can progress to the next level.

Tip: To make a double-bridge, fire the Chain Gun at two walls that are close together. If you shoot at the right angle, the chain makes two bridges (which is good).

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