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Online Tetris-Style Puzzle Game

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Ocean Express Tetris: Can you pack the puzzle pieces perfectly on board the Ocean Express? Find out as you travel coastal waters while shipping colorful cargo in this fun and addicting tetris-style game. Each loaded cargo you fit in earns you extra money (bonus points). Keep an eye on the limited time and meet the shipping objective. Meet or exceed the shipping goal displayed on the left side of the game screen to complete each level. Enjoy great water graphics and ocean sounds on board the Ocean Express!

How to Play: Pick up, rotate and place the colorful cargo (tetris pieces) using your 'Spacebar' key on the computer keyboard and your mouse. Place the cargo into the barge by left clicking on the space you choose. If the package won’t fit in the barge, drop it in the ocean by left clicking over the water. This will cost you extra money.

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