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Online Arcade Game for Kids - Fish Ball

Rating: 7.7/10 - 142 votes

Fish Ball is a fun and colorful arcade game for kids where you have to eliminate all of the fish in a rotating wheel with a bright bouncing ball, in order to pass each level. This fresh and challenging fish game (with clever graphics) requires good hand eye coordination, expert ball bouncing skills and a healthy appetite for fish destruction! Have a blast!

All of the fish and one ball are located inside the wheel. You need to rotate the wheel so that the ball bounces at the fish (eliminating them from the level). When the ball hits a fish, it’s game over for our little friend! The more fish you catch (hit), the higher your total score. It may sound easy but getting the last pesky little vertebrate is always a real chore! You start the game with 1 ball, plus 5 extra balls - a total of 6 balls. You lose a ball when the ball escapes through one of the wheel openings. The game ends when you have lost your last ball. To replay the game, click the 'Game Over' button in the centre of the game screen. OK Fish Fingers; time to get spinning that wheel! Have fun!

How To Play: Rotate the wheel using your computer mouse or the (LEFT) and (RIGHT) arrow keys on your computer keyboard. Note: To rotate the wheel you must keep your mouse pointer within the main area of the game screen. The first 2 levels are just for practice - You can’t lose a ball on levels 1 or 2 because the wheel has no opening. You can see your Level, Score and the number of balls you have, along with On/Off sound and Pause buttons on the right hand side of the game screen.

Sneaky Tips: Watch out for jellyfish – if the ball hits one, it changes direction. Play cautiously – concentrate on not losing the ball – there’s no time limit, so if you keep the ball in the wheel, you eventually eliminate all of the fish!

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