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Fun Online Pokemon Arcade Game - Pikachu Pokemon Rescue

Rating: 7.5/10 - 3494 votes

Pikachu Pokemon Rescue is an addicting platform adventure game for kids, based on iconic characters of the ever-popular Pokémon series. Unlike classic Pokémon games where you catch, collect, and battle the exotic creatures, here you have to guide Pikachu (the cute electric mouse and all-round Pokemon legend) on a treacherous platform-jumping journey through 25 challenging levels. Leap from ledge to ledge, avoid bad guys, unlock doors, collect power-ups and more.

This straight-forward arcade-style activity isn't just for die-hard Pokemon fans. It could also be a hit with those kids who love a good platform challenge where you have to dodge, weave, and jump to avoid coming into contact with the bad guys. Quick reactions, good strategy, problem solving skills and expert timing are all very important here as one little mistake could result in a big fall, and disaster for Pikachu! Are you ready to write another exciting chapter in Pokemon history?

How to Play: Your goal in each of the 25 increasingly tricky platform levels is to guide Pikachu to the Poké Ball, the red and white ball-shaped object located somewhere in each level. This Poké Ball acts as a Portal, and zaps Pikachu to the next level once he comes into contact with it. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver Pikachu through the treacherous, ledge-filled terrain. Up Arrow = Jump; Left & Right Arrows = Move around.

Keep an eye on his Health Bar, indicated in red just above his head. If you impact with any of the skulking Pokemon, this Health Bar decreases. If Pikachu's Health runs out, you lose a life. Likewise, if he falls down a ravine, and through the bottom of the game screen, another life is lost. (You can see how many lives you have remaining in the top left corner.)

In later levels, you can use other Pokemon to your advantage. The purple “Muk” can be used as a spring for higher jumps, while the grey “Geodude” can be pushed into other Pokemon in order to eliminate them. Also in later levels, Pikachu has to activate a Lightning Bolt Switch to gain access to different parts of the level, or to activate a moving ledge. Collect the circular fruit Power-Ups along the way to increase your score.

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