Play free soccer arcade games online, soccer World Cup games, sports games, no download: 2d flash soccer football game to play now - 2 on 2 Fuuty is a fun World Cup sim game for kids (boys/ girls), teens on PC, Mac, desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet. New virtual soccer games, cool classic arcade games..
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Soccer Arcade Game Online - 2 on 2 Fuuty

Rating: 7.5/10 - 144 votes

2 on 2 Fuuty is a highly-challenging, fast-paced, table-soccer simulation game where you take part in a world championship tournament of ‘2 on 2’ football matches where each team just has one goalkeeper and one outfield player (i.e. striker) on the pitch at all times. Played on a miniature soccer pitch, much like fuzzball, you must come from behind and defeat your opponent before the clock runs out (Your opponent begins the match with a lead of 2-0, 3-0, or 4-0, depending on what ‘Class’ of team it is).

This difficult, old-school-style, arcade soccer football game is played from a top-down view, and requires sharp keyboard tapping skills, good decision making, and a cool head under pressure. There are no fancy tricks or bonuses available – just good, old-fashioned soccer entertainment at its finest! The greatest soccer players often perform at their best in the face of adversity and huge pressure when required to claw their way back from the jaws of defeat. Do you class yourself in the elite table-soccer player bracket? It’s time to find out!

How to Play: Each ‘Championship’ features 4 rounds (Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Final). Before the action starts, you must choose your team from the long list of available international sides. Each team falls into a certain ‘Class’ from 1-4, with Class 1 teams being the best. Depending on what Class of team you are facing, your score deficit at the start of each match reflects this. If you are facing a Class 4 or Class 3 team (Japan, Greece, Congo, Slovenia, China…), you begin the game 2-0 down. If you are up against a Class 2 team (England, Portugal, Netherlands, Uruguay…), you begin the game 3-0 down. If you are up against a Class 1 team (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, France…), you start the match a massive 4-0 down.

Each match lasts for 2 minutes, and you must win the game outright in order to progress (A draw is no good for your team). There are two different options to control your players. Option 1 = Arrow Keys to move and CTRL to shoot. Option 2 = WASD Keys to move and the V Key to shoot. Before each game begins, you can choose which option you want to use by pressing on the corresponding ‘shoot’ button (at the control select screen).

Once the soccer match begins, you must simply try to score as many goals as you can to overturn the deficit. Obviously, you don’t want your opponents to increase their lead, so defending is also very important! Your goalkeeper moves along his goal-line in sync with your ‘outfield’ player. If your team is in the lead when the clock runs out, you progress to the next round. Good luck and good skill!

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