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Knox - a 1 Player & Multiplayer Ball Game like Marbles

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Have you played Marbles at home or in the playground – where you compete against your brothers, sisters or friends, and flick colored marble balls out of a small playing area? If you enjoy that classic, age old activity – then this online game is right up your street! You may even be an older marbles enthusiast keenly searching for an internet game to ease your nostalgia. It’s time to introduce you to Knox, a fun multi-player ball game based on Marbles. Here you have to ‘knock’ red balls out of a circular playing field by skillfully hitting them with another ball. Score points for successfully ousting as many balls as you can from the circular grid with each shot.

While you can play on your own – and try to score as many points as possible, playing this game with family and friends is a much better experience. Up to 4 players can take part, taking turns to try and knock the balls out of the area. You’ll need a steady hand and a creative streak to succeed, as scoring multiple points is trickier than it looks. You’ll also need to be extremely accurate, as one foul shot could cost you the game! It’s time to show you’re still the Marble Master!

How to Play: Up to four players can take part. Knox is played on a virtual wooden field with a red circle (border) drawn around it. Your aim in each game is to score as many points as you can by knocking Red Balls out of the circular playing field using the White Ball. The White Ball is the only one you control. To execute a shot, click and drag on the White Ball using your computer mouse or touchpad. The direction in which you drag determines the direction that the White Ball travels. You can add as much or as little power as you like, depending on the shot. Score points for hitting red balls out of the circular red playing field. However, if your shot results in the White Ball leaving the area, this is a Foul, and all the Balls are replaced, and the next player takes a turn.

The game ends when all of the red balls are pushed out of the red playing area. In 1 Player Mode, you just keep taking turns on your own to knock the balls out. In Multi-player Mode, each player takes a shot with the White Ball. The winner is the player who knocks the most red balls out of the circular grid. You can keep an eye on the points tallies in the top left corner of the game screen. You can customize the amount of Red Balls in each game – and the size of the playing area, on the menu screen before the action starts.

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