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Tough Online Dirt Bike Game – Mini Bike Challenge

Rating: 8.5/10 - 2335 votes

Mini Bike Challenge - A diamond of a game for those who love dirt biking and dirt bike games that require good skill, experience and great deal of reactions. Mini Bike Challenge game offers various tracks and competitions: Time Trial, Cargo Transport, Climbing Challenge, Long Jump, Wheelie, Crash Dummy, and Distance Challenge. Everything is more or less explained by the names of the tracks.

You start as a novice – with a small, not very powerful baby dirt bike, and you earn stars for getting through the track within a set time. A countdown timer starts, and you receive a certain number of stars for passing round the track successfully. Each new level requires a certain amount of stars to be earned. Bike upgrades require you to collect stars as well. You are not allowed to get a powerful dirt bike without proper experience, and your experience and skill are measured by the stars earned.

How to Play: You control your bike balance with your Left/Right arrow keys on your computer keyboard, while going forward/backwards is controlled by the Up/Down keys. Dirt bikes have manual gear boxes and you have to shift up and down depending on the terrain. When going up – downshift, going up – shift to a higher gear for higher speed and to save time. Your gear shift is controlled by the Q and E keys on your keyboard.

Try to accelerate as much as you can by quickly shifting to higher gears when going down the hill as this will help you “fly” up the next hill and maybe even jump on top of the next ridge and save time by not going down and up every hill. You can retry the track as many times as you wish in order to get all stars available and earn enough stars for the most powerful bike as well as opening the toughest tracks available. When choosing the bike – see which one fits your task best.

Each bike differs in speed, weight, power, softness of suspension and wheel size. If you need to climb the hill – you do not need much speed, you need less weight and more power while bigger tires are desired as well. Make your choice depending on the challenge of your environment.

Tip: If you cannot climb the hill even in the first gear – press the DOWN button and go down the hill backwards, and even a little bit to the mountain behind you, to help get some acceleration. Then quickly start going forward, shift to second or third gear, accelerate, and start climbing the hill you did not make previously. As soon as you make it up two thirds of the hill, downshift to the first gear to have just enough power to climb to the top.

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