Play board games online for free, no download: Carrom game online, Carrom King, a 1-player & 2-player Carrom game against the computer, PC or best friend to play now. Carrom online for kids (girls & boys), teens, all the family at home. Fun, easy & hard new games for PC, Mac, mobile phone with two player mode.
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Play Carrom King - 1 & 2 Player Carrom Game Online

Rating: 8.1/10 - 324 votes

Play a highly-challenging, aiming and accuracy game of skill (based on the traditional Indian subcontinent and Middle East "Carrom" board game) where you must pocket small colored discs on a fast-paced, billiard-style table. Carrom King combines accurate mouse-clicking action with angle judgement and hand-eye coordination to form a tricky and competitive 1 or 2 player skill game. Similar in idea to virtual pool and snooker (with a hint of shuffleboard), you play with the computer or a friend / family member in a high-octane game of fast potting and smart strategy.

Reasons to play this fun online skill game: If you like online pool or snooker games – where target objects are guided around a table and must be astutely pocketed into the corners, this virtual board game should prove a good fit. Test and exercise your eyesight, visual alignment skills, depth perception, and your competitive edge as you line up tricky ‘carom’ or ricochet-based shots!

Strategy to win: A steady hand and stable mouse control skills are essential to success in Carrom King. You must also try to keep a cool head as discs flash around the game screen at high speed. Sensible game strategy is definitely important – as wildly shooting and perhaps accidentally potting the ‘striker’ disc (like the cue ball) can be highly detrimental to your chances. Take your time, aim well, and seize victory from your opponent!

How to Play: A Flash-based, virtual billiard-style skill game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Your goal in each match-up is to pocket all 9 of your colored coins / discs before your opponent pockets his / hers.

When the game loads, click on the ‘Play Game’ icon in the bottom right corner. This brings you to an instructions screen. You can toggle through the instructions by clicking ‘Next’ in the bottom right corner, or skip to the Main Menu screen by clicking on ‘Skip’ in the bottom left corner. On the Main Menu Screen, click on ‘Play with Computer’ for a 1 player game, or ‘Two Players’ for a 2 player game.

There are 9 green coins, 9 blue coins, one red coin, and the large black and white ‘Striker’ disc – which acts as the ‘cue ball’ object that you use to shoot. You are assigned to pot either the green or blue coins (You choose this before the game begins). You must take your shot from the designated baseline area at the top or bottom of the game screen (If you are playing against the computer, all of your shots come from the bottom of the play area).

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the Striker disc, pull back and aim using your mouse cursor, and release the click to shoot. The further you move the hand-shaped icon back, the more powerful your shot. If you accidentally pot the Striker disc, you are fined one coin from your potted total, and that coin re-appears on the table. Like in pool, if you pot one of your colored coins, you get to take the next shot also. Likewise, if you pot the red colored disc, you get another shot – but must pot one of your own colored coins to keep the red disc off of the table. If you miss the shot after potting the red disc, it returns to the table.

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