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Online Drift Racing / Police Chase Game - Slam Drift

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Slam Drift is a cool prison escape and driving game for teens and grownups where you have to survive for as long as possible while driving a stolen ambulance. It's no easy ride, as you are constantly being chased by the police. You’ve just escaped from prison and now have to drift and drive this beast of a motor left and right, for as long as you can cope, without crashing into any obstacles or police cars. Points are earned for stylish drifting techniques and wrecking police cars with your weapons. To survive this fast-paced, driving frenzy, you need insanely good vehicle handling skills along with a love of the fast lane, and a desire for destruction (online)!

This explosive action game will certainly keep you on your toes! This is a road race to Freedom! Have fun making your escape from the slammer! OK, you’re in a stolen ambulance and the police are hot on your tail. Your job is to try to survive this pursuit as long as you can. Remember, don’t crash into the police – just destroy their cars with your weapons or try to make them crash! Try and get them to drive over landmines or run into walls. Collect powerful traps and weapons as you drive (drifting). If you see health kits, drive over them.

You can hold as many weapons as you like, at any one time. Once you crash (and you no doubt will!), it’s game over. Watch out for your tires when drifting – they eventually fall apart. Be careful when starting off; Once the game begins, your ambulance takes off at speed by itself. You need to be ready to drift or drive! OK Drifter, ready for some hair-raising prison breakout action? Well, fasten that seatbelt, because here we go!

How To Play: Use the following arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move the ambulance: (LEFT) Steer Left, (RIGHT) Steer Right, (DOWN) Brake. Press SPACEBAR to use Bonus Weapons (Rockets, Oil Spots, Shockwaves and more). If things get too hectic, you can pause the game at any stage (to catch breath) by pressing the PAUSE button at the bottom of the game screen. You can see your Score, Best Combo, Best Drift, Game Time and the number of cars that crashed, at the end of each game. Your Damage Bar (in red) and Score can be seen in the bottom left corner.

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