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Fun Online Racing Game - Prehistory Grand Prix

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Legend has it that prehistoric people loved catching up and testing their latest four-wheeled vehicles at the local go-kart race meeting, so if you think that Grand Prix Racing was only invented in the 20th Century, think again! Prehistory Grand Prix is a fun racing car game where you drive ancient caveman-style cars on a cool pre-historic race track. Even though the engine hasn’t yet been invented, these Flintstone-esque cars are still pretty quick!

Compete against other computer controlled cars in this challenging event, and try and be the first to the finish line. Get up to some sneaky tricks, and wield old-school weapons of the day such as axes and spears to stop your opponents in their tracks, and gain that extra advantage. Outsmart your challengers with precision driving skills, daredevil cornering techniques, and the ruthlessness of a Stone Age warrior.

You’ll need quick reactions to succeed, as there are sharp corners and obstacles to avoid. Ready to compete for the Ultimate Ancient Grand Prix title? Load up, strap yourself in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Good luck!

How to Play: In each of the 6 increasingly difficult races, you compete against three other computer-controlled cars. Choose your type of car depending on the type of weapon you want to use. You can pick axes, spears, maces and clubs. To control your car, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Reverse; Left and Right Arrows = Steer. Alternatively, you can use your WASD Keys. Hit Spacebar to slam on the brakes. There are 6 laps in each race. Finish in 1st position to progress to the next race.

You can see your lap times along the top of the game screen. To use your weapons against your opponents, hit your Ctrl Key. Your Weapon Power Bar is along the bottom of the game area. When it is full, your weapons are ready to use. Tip: Use your weapons when you are right alongside your opponents. Only then can you do some damage to them, and slow their cars down. Choose the right moment to strike, then speed off!

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