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Remote Controlled Car Game Online - Zip Zaps

Rating: 8.6/10 - 1443 votes

Zip Zaps - Have you ever had a remote (radio) controlled car model? It sure is great fun driving those with your friends at home or your backyard. Well, the Fast and the Furious movie served to inspire car model makers, and they have created remote control models that look just like the ones in the movie! Now, you can enjoy Zip Zaps, an online RC game (that requires Shockwave to play), so you don’t have to worry if it is raining outside. The cars are so fast and hard to control that they look and feel like real remote control cars. Now you can race in the ZipZaps Street Rally to win the Golden cup and prove that you are the best car driver in town.

Start your race with empty streets race at StreetCredz Scramble and collect batteries and coins. Batteries keep your car going so try not to miss them. Avoid empty cans, sticky chewing gum and paper rags; they will only slow you down. When your car's battery is low, the battery bar starts blinking and if it gets empty your car will stop. When you reach the finish line, your total score is calculated and converted into credits. You might have earned too little credits and you might be too short for a good upgrade. You can play StreetCredz Scramble several times for good practice and to earn enough credits in order to buy a decent upgrade kit before you go for a street race against your computer opponent.

You can go and spend your StreetCredz in the ZipZaps upgrade store to boost your car's performance. When in the store, click on the car part for a closer look, then choose if you want to buy it or not. Click the 'Garage' arrow to return to the garage. Click on the item you bought to install it. After you have upgraded your car, choose the ZipZaps Street Rally to race against opponents. Control your car using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. Hit boost arrows for speed, but avoid cans and dumpsters. If you are much slower than your opponent is, you probably need to upgrade your car for better performance. Good luck Speed King!

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