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Fun Hot Dog Making / Tycoon Game - Papa’s Hot Doggeria

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All bow down to the humble hot dog; a simple and delicious savory snack that simply must be eaten at any sports event worth its seat! Have you ever given any thought to seizing on the sporting public’s love of hot dogs, and taken over the running of your very own hot dog business? Well, now is a great time to see if you’ve got what it takes! Papa’s Hot Doggeria is a fun and challenging cooking business simulation game (another in the fun Papa Louie game series) where you take over a popular hot dog selling outlet at a baseball stadium! You have to take down customer orders, grill up those foot-long frankfurters, add some delicious toppings (as per your customer’s ticket), and serve up some scrumptious sides too! Sounds just like a job for a masterful multi-tasking professional!

This highly interactive fast-food tycoon simulation game requires excellent time management skills, fast mouse-clicking ability, and a knack for making important decisions under intense pressure. Your customers will pay top dollar for quality hot dogs, and you can use these big bucks to upgrade your store, add to your menu, and attract more dog-loving patrons! Aside from the making of these delicious virtual snacks, you can also learn the essential real-life skills of shrewd business management and good customer service. If you’re a stellar success, the baseball announcer might just say those famous words; “Well hot dog; we have a winner!” Enjoy getting to know the pressures of running a business or a household!

How to Play: Once the game initially loads, click on the blue ‘Continue’ button in the bottom right corner of the game screen to proceed. As the only employee of Papa’s Hot Doggeria, it’s your job to take orders from the customers (Order Station), carefully grill your hotdogs (Grill Station), add the customer’s desired toppings (Build Station), and choose the correct side orders (Pop Station). Your goal is to receive a high score out of 100 points, and earn tips based on that score. We recommend that you pay close attention to the initial tutorial that walks you through all of the various mouse-clicking controls.

Order Station: Here, you take the orders of each customer. The customers line up along your ‘shop floor’, and it’s up to you whether you take each order at the same time, or individually. Bear in mind, no customer likes to be kept waiting for a munchy mouthful. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click on the green ‘Take Order’ button above a customer’s head to listen to their order. The order is then automatically copied down onto a ticket which remains in the top right corner of the game screen until that order is complete.

Grill Station: Here, you have to grill each hotdog to perfection. Click and drag a raw hotdog from the bottom of the game screen to one of the empty grill areas. The circular timer ticks slowly clockwise as the underside of the hotdog is grilled. Once the timer reaches the halfway point (3 o’clock if the timer was a clock face), click on the hot dog to flip it over. Hover your mouse cursor over the hotdog, and wait until both sides of the timer show as close to 50% / 50% as possible before clicking and dragging it into a bun at the bottom of the game screen. When this is done, the hotdog automatically zooms to the Build Station.

Build Station: Here, you have to add specific toppings to the hotdog. Following the ticket in the top right corner of the game screen, click on the toppings of the customer's choice, and spread them evenly across the top of the hot dog. Make sure that you put the toppings on in the correct order, i.e. read the ticket from bottom to top. When this is done, click on the ‘Next’ button in the bottom right corner.

Pop Station: Here, you have to fill up a drink and / or popcorn for your customer if they have ordered one on the ticket. Make sure to pour the correct size; small (S), medium (M), or large (L). Then, drag the sides onto the tray, and drag the ticket to the delivery option in the bottom left corner to serve the customer. Tip: To save important time, fill up the drinks while the hot dogs are on the grill!

Once the order is complete, your customer tastes the finished hotdog. You score points out of 100 based on an average rating of your accuracy on the 4 Stations. If your score is good, you earn valuable "tips" which can be used to upgrade your store at the end of each working day. However, if you mess up the order in any way, you get docked points, and unfortunately receive fewer tips (just as in a real-life food service outlet). As you progress through the game, more toppings, buns, and side order choices are introduced.

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