Free pizza, cooking games online for kids (girls & boys) to play now with no download: Papa’s Pizzeria game, a fun pizza making game & Papa tycoon game for PC, Mac, iPad. Diner business simulation games, fast food cooking games, time management activities for tweens/ high school teens.
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Fun Pizza Cooking / Tycoon Game - Papa’s Pizzeria

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Announcement: "Virtual job opening for someone with excellent multi-tasking skills, a cool head under pressure, a friendly smile, and a love of customer service and the mighty pizza (the most beloved take away meal on the planet). Job Location - Papa’s Pizzeria. Benefits Package: Fun at work, educational experience, virtual tips, personal satisfaction.."
The variety and deliciousness of pizza is simply never ending, and everyone has their favorite toppings, bases, cheeses and more.. However, do you believe you could jump the other side of the counter, and capitalize on this fast food obsession, and one day take over the running of your very own pizza making business? Papa’s Pizzeria is an intense online baking and business management skill game where you are presented with the challenging opportunity to run your own successful pizza parlor! Another in the fun Papa Louie game series from the highly talented developers who brought you Papa’s Burgeria, Papa’s Hotdoggeria, Papa’s Wingeria et al, this tricky role playing test is all about successfully fulfilling the orders of your fussy customers. These hungry pizza fanatics expect top quality service and food from your diner, so make sure you get their toppings right, cook the pizza for the required length, and cut it in the exact manner in which they request. Phew, could pizza making really be so complicated?

This highly-stimulating, interactive restaurant tycoon game should provide good customer service practice for any young budding entrepreneurs out there, or anyone who wants to try their hand at quality business management under pressure. These pizza-loving customers can become particularly irked if they are made to wait for too long, so fast mouse work and calm multi-tasking ability are very important attributes required here. Ok then Master Pizza Manager, let's see some solid business strategy and service with a smile – it’s time to serve up some mouthwatering treats!

How to Play: Once the game initially loads, click on the blue ‘Continue’ button in the bottom right corner of the game screen to proceed. As the only employee of Papa’s Pizzeria (the usual pizza chef has gone on an adventure..), your objective is to earn ‘tips’ by serving up quality pizzas that are as close as possible to each customer’s order. There are 4 different ‘Stations’ from which you have to work, and you score points out of 100 for each pizza, based on an average rating of your accuracy on the 4 Stations.

Order Station: This is the main ‘shop floor’ where you have to take pizza orders from your customers. In early levels, you only have to deal with one customer at a time, but this increases as you progress. It’s entirely up to you whether you take each order at the same time, or individually. Bear in mind, no customer likes to be kept waiting for their delicious hot pizza. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the green ‘Take Order’ button that appears in the bottom left corner of the game screen in order to listen to their order. This order is automatically copied down onto a detailed ‘ticket’ which appears on the right hand side of the game screen. The quicker you take a customer’s order, the more points you receive for this station.

Topping Station: Once you have taken the order, click on the Yellow Tab at the top of the game screen to move to the ‘Topping Station’. Click on the yellow ‘Make Pizza’ button in the bottom right corner, and begin to click and drag the customer’s desired toppings onto it. Bear in mind that the customer may only want toppings on one side of the pizza. They usually want a multiple set of toppings (e.g. 4 pieces of pepperoni & 4 olives). This information is contained on their Ticket. Once their toppings are complete, click on the ‘Into Oven’ button in the bottom right corner.

Baking Station: Here, you have to wait for the pizza to cook for as long as the customer wants (indicated by the clock at the bottom of their Ticket). Once the clock on your oven matches the clock on the ticket, click on the Pizza to advance to the final station. You are marked down if you click on the pizza too early, or too late.

Cutting Station: Here, you have to cut the pizza in the exact way that the customer ordered it (as indicated in the bottom right corner of the Ticket). Simply click and drag a line across the pizza as indicated on the Ticket. Most customers want a horizontal and vertical cut (making 4 slices), but some customers might want more or less. Once you have completed the cutting process, click on the blue ‘Finish Order’ button in the bottom right corner of the play zone.

Your customer rates your performance at each station out of 100. The average rating is awarded to you in points. The more points you receive, the higher your ‘employee level’ rises. If you perform well, you also receive virtual tips from each customer. These tips can be used in between ‘days’ to upgrade your store and add new toppings to the menu. Good luck, and happy pizza making!

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